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This is Sugar.  She’s going to be the Chickmas clown and announcer.  Her costume fits perfectly and she’s good to go.  Sugar is looking forward to introducing the acts and leading the Chickmas Parade.

Comments on: "Chickmas announcement…this year’s Chickmas Party will be the CHICKMAS CIRCUS" (21)

  1. So much fun to be had under the holiday big top!

  2. Love those big red shoes

  3. So cute! your Chicklets are the best!

  4. I wish I wasn’t afraid of clowns but she looks like sweet one , no painted face or anything 🤗

  5. Sugar looks like a sweetheart…yay! Peeps and Chirps cause i was a bit concerned… I have a clown phobia as well but she doesn’t scare me at all!

    ❤ to all at the Coop. Merry, Merry and I'm sure the circus will be fantabulous!!

    • I hope so. Everyone is having fun. The Guests have arrived and the parties have started. 😉 They just wanted something different this year. I don’t blame them. The are chirping at me because Im not painting fast enough. They’re right. I’m not.

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