Art and the philosophy of life

The chorus committee decided to surprise everyone at lunch.  They made a tree and sang a few Chickmas songs but quickly realized that they couldn’t maintain their shape, nor could they eat lunch.  So the tree didn’t last long but they received loud peeps and chirps for their effort.

Comments on: "The chicklets made a tree in the dining room, but quickly found out it was temporary. Still, everyone who saw it, thought it was quite impressive." (15)

  1. I love that they did that and that they were flexible enough to go the flow

    • They’re good with going with the flow and that’s a really good thing, since they do get themselves into a bit of trouble, now and then. Chirps and peeps to you and Olive.

  2. Best Chickmas tree ever ❤ 😀

  3. Wonderful, loved it.

  4. 👏🏻 to the chicklets.
    Merry Chickmas to you. 😉

    A Chickmas Tree!

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