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I watched a program last night.  I think it was called, Boys in Crisis.  Apparently, boys are having a hard time of it.  Ever since the “electronic age,” came into being, boys…forgot how to become men and have a meaningful relationship with other human beings in the real world.  They live in video games and in virtual reality, they don’t live here.

So, basically, here’s what was said.  We all know boys aren’t supposed to cry and they are supposed to be strong and “man-up/walk it off.”  We all know that’s a bad thing, even if a lot of fathers, as well as society, reinforce those things.

They said the Millenniums asked how they could get the most out of life and the new kids are asking, why should they should live at all.  The suicide rate for boys has doubled.  They are dropping out of school more than ever and they are unable to communicate or have human relationships, no friends, etc.  They don’t grow up and leave home.

Of course, this doesn’t mean all boys are like this.  Counselors and those who study these things and gather data, are just saying what they know and have found.   Boys are living on line and in their rooms.  (Men are getting divorced because of Fortnite.  I added that, it wasn’t part of the program.)

Anyway, they took a bunch of boys and put them in a 2 day, weekend kind of boot camp.  While the kids were there, their parents were in seminars (which the kids did not know about) to help them deal with their boys.

Watch it below.


Video result for Boys in crisis/CNN

‘This Is Life’: An emotional bootcamp to help boys become men

5 days ago



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6 Responses to Okay, so…Boys…program below

  1. Kiki says:

    no link added….

  2. It’s about time someone did something about this. People have been talking about the problem; it’s been identified. I’m glad to see there is action being taken.

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