Today is: International Day for the Elimination of Violence Against Women

Violence Against Women, Domestic, Abuse

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13 Responses to Today is: International Day for the Elimination of Violence Against Women

  1. As a woman I am proud of our resilience, our compassion and our never ending love. And this all happens with a foot to our necks. We as a collective prevail and heal. We wake up and evolve. Women hold up the world like the turtle.

    • Well said Gretchen. Thsnknyou Gigi, great message 🥰

    • I agree, but we shouldn’t have to do it while battered, bruised, bleeding and half dead. Male dominated cultures encourage brutality and violence against women in every way possible. It’s a hateful and dream crushing reality, creating fear and an inability to blossom. We shouldn’t need Safe Houses so women can hide. We have to hid enough already.

      • I am completely in agreement with you Gigi. We absolutely should not suffer abuse. However, we women keep on changing our reality by holding firm to challenging injustices perpetrated against us. We keep on living our truth and effecting change for the benefit of all humans. We are strong and growing. We prevail. It requires our innate gift of unconditional love and a resolve to grow so that we are overcoming being seen as disposable. How much we have overcome in the last hundred years and……given the many centuries of being seen as the lesser……it is major progress. Faster progress is something that we would prefer, but women will always keep on going toward realizing complete freedom. We are amazing not for what we endure but for not giving up. Any movement starts small and grows. Never give up your righteous dreams. Stronger sisters reach out to help those who cannot yet help themselves. We keep on going.

      • Stay strong. You are more of an optimist than I am. 🙂 Truthfully, I think I worked too long in the woman’s movement and seen all the lies from government officials and heard too much from those who were hurt. It kills a lot of innocence and dreams. I think what helped do me in was being in charge of the anti-porn thing for the state. Snuff films and the ugliness of what was going on just stopped me dead in my tracks. Years and years of working and a new administration would come in and erase all the years of work. They’re still attacking roe vs wade. Generations don’t have time to wait for slow change. Especially those who are beaten and living in poverty. I used to be different. Once I saw the real ugliness and heard women tell their stories about watching their fathers kill their mothers in the kitchen, etc., I changed. I heard women begging for help to get their childdren back from men who were lawyers and had money, I could go on and on but, I don’t have the kind of outlook you have any longer. I hope you’re right, but change is not fast enough for those who are suffering. Abuse is skyrocketing, due to the virus and economy. I’m not active any longer. It took me a long time to understand how women could walk away from the fight. Then when I hit the wall…I got it. So, a long time ago I lost my hope and my patience. The men in charge LIE, to shut us up and when they vote, they vote against us. The Anit’s are hateful people who stick pins in people and use their own children as shields. They glue the door to health clinic shut and bomb clinics and kill doctors. They are so horrific, hitting us with signs. They are vicious and I don’t see an end. The MEN who vote on safe houses, women’s health and the violence against them are men who beat their own wives and rape their own children. I don’t see what you see. I wish I did. I really wish I did. Existing for so many women and girls is just that. Everyday, fighting for survival. Twenty-four hours can be a really long time, let alone waiting for years to change things…that never come to reality. It never ends. We don’t even have an ERA and we worked so HARD. People got divorced because they were gone so much, working to get it passed and we had the votes and then when it came down to it they voted AGAINST US. No hope, until men are not longer in charge. I’m not holding my breath. The new administration is a ray of sunlight, no doubt about it. But I still hear the stories of those who, on a daily basis, live in terror. Men don’t stop other men from doing what they do. That’s part of the problem. Violence is accepted, overlooked or celebrated.

      • Our world is filled with suffering. Men tend to be perpetrators of war, abuse, cruelty, misuse of power and on and on. Women tend to nurture and love. The huge shift that needs to happen to balance the world does not come soon enough for the victims of the ugliness. I do not speak of optimism…..I speak of strength. Women are very strong and more and more are realizing their power. It is gradual because feelings of inadequacy are firmly imbedded in our collective. The ugliness, the pain and suffering is a reality in our world. I have been there and released myself through strength and determination. You cannot heal by force but those women who have discovered their power will help others to grow and thrive. I choose to empower other women to deepen and grow. I feel your pain and frustration because they are also mine.

      • Beautifully said. Thank you. ❤

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