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The problem…with Santa

man wearing Santa Claus costume sitting on chair

Did you get the Reindeer Newsletter?  The one that talks about the Reindeer Strike?  Seems Santa started hanging around with some unsavory elves, making bad decisions.  Ms. Claus was so disgusted she left, leaving everyone without cookies, hot chocolate and treats.  You can imagine how well that went over.  She said she was tired of baking and taking care of Santa (his real name is Bob, by the way).  She grew weary of keeping his red suit in shape and making sure he checked the naughty and nice lists, which she sometimes changed, after doing a bit of research.   Santa had gotten lazy and just followed the list, never looking for errors, which meant that sometimes the wrong kids did, or did not. receive gifts.

She told him she was leaving, but he didn’t believe her.  Well, he did, once he realized she was gone.  She let the reindeer know where she was going, in case they needed her, but they remained silent when asked where she was.  That’s when they decided to go on strike.  They didn’t want shorter hours, since they only worked one night a year, and their food was great, as were their accommodations.  It’s just that Santa had stopped spending time with them.  He no longer came to the barn for chats.  He didn’t brush them or tell them they were beautiful.  He left that up to others.  He was neglecting them in too ways that mattered.

The worker elves tried to talk to him but he struck a pose and let his attitude show.  His smoking and drinking had become the norm.  He no longer checked the toys and his smelly, smoke filled, jacket and hat, made Dancer sneeze and rub his nose against the sides of his spacious stall.

When the reindeer told Santa they wouldn’t pull the sleigh, unless he cleaned up his act, he told them he would just skip Christmas this year.  He said he would find new reindeer for next year.  The reindeer and elves were shocked.  And just where did he think he would find more flying reindeer?

Prancer called Ms. Claus and told her what Santa said.  She didn’t seem surprised.  They talked for a long time and came up with a plan.  Prancer talked to the others and they agreed that it was an excellent plan, so they left the barn and took to the sky.

This year, the reindeer will be pulling a new vehicle, driven by Ms. Claus.  The lists will be correct and the bullies won’t even get coal.  Everything in life changes…even Santa.


Photo:  hue 12 Photography

Comments on: "The problem…with Santa" (4)

  1. Three cheers for Ms. Claus!

  2. ha ha, just watched yesternight the old film ‘The night before Christmas’ and although it was a bit of a lame duck, we still laughed and saw a lot of fun in it…. So, that’s a nice follow-up or pre-sequal!

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