Art and the philosophy of life

I want my own way
I want it now
right now
you’re fired
I won
go away
I’ll get you
I’m a bully
a baby
a spoiled brat
an ego maniac
a hateful
and I want to be
president again
I want to be president
for life
so I can destroy the country
and then the world
that’s what I want
and I
want it


Photo:  Nick Fewings

Comments on: "Street art…and a kind of poem" (4)

  1. I had the PERFECT minivid in my mail. Shall send it to your private address! It’s so fitting with this post….

    • I think that’s the picture that should be in history books and hanging wherever presidential pictures are hanging. It’s a true rendering of the man. Holly said his kids didn’t know their father was so “disliked.” Hahahahahaha what an understatement. That’s what happens when you’re isolated from reality.

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