Art and the philosophy of life

Our MC, Chicklet Rosebud, will be announcing the beautiful Halloween Art Gowns.  All of the gown for the humans have been lovingly and hand made by the FANTASTIC RESA...

First up…is Beautiful Zombie Holly


Holly’s Hallowe’en Art Gown is made from an old red velvet coat, black bengaline (from the 1970’s) and red lace flowers. The lace is from Resa’s personal stash, and the leaves are made from an old scarf.

It is accessorized with yellow and red lightening bolts, that Resa captured during a thunder storm.  The very same lightening bolts which reanimated the Beautiful Holly.
Resa’s hands are healing quite nicely. Thank you very much. Resa knows exactly how to make Holly look absolutely gorgeous.

Next we have the designer herself, The Amazing Red Witch Resa, wearing her Witchy Gown for all to see…




















Resa’s Hallowe’en Art Gown & hat are made from old red & black Kenora Dinner Jackets, which is the Canadian term for lumberjack jackets. The glove is the one Resa didn’t lose. The star burst accessories and shoulder detail are bits of cosmos that Resa gathered up while test riding her magic broom. When interviewed she said she has happy memories of that particular ride.  Believe her.  She had a very good time. 

Next up, we have Harlequinn Vampire Gigi, who longs to get her fangs into the throats of evil politicians.  She controls herself, however, knowing that she would most certainly be tempted to over eat…and that’s no Joker.


Gigi’s Halowe’en Art Gown is made from black satin and gold lame, that are old coat linings. The boots are made from an old red Naugahyde chair cushion. They are trimmed with leftover black satin, and brass buckles that Resa stole from Blackbeard the pirate, during her last time travel.  She stole his heart as well and I’ve heard that he’s still looking for her.  So if a man, who looks like a pirate, asks for her, just say you never heard of her.

And Last, but not least, fashion for cats…

Resa, Holly, Beth and Melanie brought their cats to the party.  Resa’s Jeep and Johnny are model cats, beautiful and fuzzy.  Holly’s cat fabulous Bagheera, is a swift hunter. Beth’s cat, Olive, is a gorgeous black cat, who would look perfect in a sweater made by the chicklets. Melanie’s adorable cat, CAT, is also black and rather tiny.

Because of their very special cat guests, the Costume Committee put together a kitty sweater and matching mousy for those cold winter nights.  Whiskers is modeling his sweater, which is made out of string, dyed to match the color of his eyes.  Jerry, on the hand, refused to wear his sweater. He did agree to walk the catwalk, to support Whiskers.

All of the guest cats will receive a sweater and matching mouse.

That ends The Human and Cat Fashion Show at The Coop.  Everyone is raving about Resa’s beautiful fashions gowns.  As for the cats…well, they’re trying to get out of the sweaters.  The chicklets are helping them

Thank you to RESA, who was in charge of this event and made it out of this world.  All the glam and sparkles, the decorated stage and lighting, was a collaboration between RESA, The Costume Committee and Stage Crew.

It was a smashing success.  And no cats were harmed while being dressed and undressed in sweaters.  Some chicklet feathers were lost, but that was to be expected.

Comments on: "The Party Barn is standing room only. The Coop’s Halloween Fashion Show…by the Fabulous Resa and Members of The Coop’s Costume Committee…is about to begin. (I’m sorry about the gap between one of the pictures. I have no idea why it’s there but I can’t get it to go away)" (28)

  1. OBOY!
    The show went off fabulously! The Chicklets are all amazing! Love the sweaters with matching mice, a stroke of brilliance!
    OMG, the little bits you added to the garment descriptions are hilarious!
    Although, it’s going to be a loooong scary night knowing that Blackbeard is out there…. somewhere… looking for me! Brrrr EEEEEEK!

  2. How utterly fabulous! ❤ thanks for including Cat… I'm sure she will like* her sweater and matching mouse.

    *not that she will wear it but i'm sure she will lay on it 😉

  3. The Poetry Slam will be a little later. I’m glad you liked the Fashion Show, but no matter what I do, I can’t get rid of that big gap between that one picture. I will always include chavez and Cat. 🙂

  4. The fashion show was amazing and olive is so happy to have a cozy outfit!

  5. The highlight of the party 🎈. Resa has outdone herself with these gorgeous art gowns. I feel like a princess in mine. Only Resa can make us so fab!!
    The poetry slam was outstanding ! Such amazing poetry ! Absolutely wonderful.

  6. I love yoyr art. all three of you. You are the three musketeeresses.

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