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One of the treats tables…

Beth brought Fairy Lights and Holly, who is responsible for the treats tables, made her well loved Corn Bread and so many other goodies, as well as bowls of candy corn.  The chicklets and their guests love her baking and treats.  Holly also brought her dog, Tide, and cat, Bagheera, as well.  Tide was a bit shy at first, but the chicklets sat quietly next to where he was hiding, until he felt safe enough to come out.  Bagheera was fine right from the start and promised not to catch and eat anyone. There is hay, carrots, apples and all kinds of treats for everyone.  Treat tables are always set up everywhere, since there are so many different kinds of guests.  Some of the food has to be low to the ground, since a lot of the chicklets and guests can’t reach the tables.  But everyone manages and they always help each other.  Holly make sure everyone has enough to eat and she keeps the tables neat and tidy.  She smiles a lot and she knows how to take care of hungry chicklets and their friends.


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  1. These are always such a treat to see. They’re just so adorable!! 🐥😃 🎃

    • Thank you so much. Holly has taken over the treat tables and does a fabulous job. 🙂 The hens help with the food, of course, but the treats are Holly’s speciality.

  2. Adorable. Happy Halloween 🎃

  3. Everyone has their role when there’s a party and this one came together beautifully

  4. Lovely and Holly is a fabulous friend 🙂

  5. Holly knows how to put on a spread! 🌽🍿🍏🍓🍰🧁🥜🍪🌰🍿🥧🥮🌽

  6. Happy Halloween dear Gigi, hugs to you and all our adorable party friends!

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    Happy Halloween, it’s party time with Gigi and the Chicklets!

  8. How beautiful!! Hope Bagheera is supervising all with a half-opened eye 😉

  9. So adorable. What a lovely feel good post. I’m all in on the candy corn. 🙂 Happy Halloween.

  10. How wonderful!!
    Happy Hallowe’en!

  11. Nobody throws a party like the Chicklets and Friends. Holly does everything with an abundance of love and care, which, of course, is why everything tastes so great and everyone looks so happy. Bagheera and Tide are party animals once they get comfortable with the outstanding and classy guests.

    • Thank you so very much and you’re right, Holly is fabulous and Tide and Bagheera are both delightful.

    • Lol, party animals ! Rofl!

      • 😁 Bagheera has to be cool with those eyes.

      • He’s a cool cat for sure. Those eyes have gotten him spoiled rotten 🙂

      • I love that photo of him peering out of the jar. I think that is so cool and catastic. 😸

      • Ha! I know , he’s so cute he brings little presents , paper clips and whatever he can find and leaves them on my night stand.

      • He obviously likes you too. Our little furry families give so much back. I would be my own private zoo except my multi-cultural, multi-generation family all are severely allergic. Me, not at all. I could have a chipmunk living in my shirt pocket and never sneeze once. In fact, I might get a chipmunk friend to live secretly with me in the VA home and teach him to sneak out at night and raid the pantry for cookies and other snacks. I’ll make him a little ninja suit.

      • I hope you aren’t planning to move to the VA home just yet but such a splendid plan, I’m sure the Chipmunk likes the idea too. 😊🐿

      • I’m holding out as long as possible. My youngest has strict instructions to drop me off at the front desk of the local VA with my ID card the first time I ask her who she is. They’ll know what to do with me. She is supposed to lure me into the car with ice cream and then hit the child proof locks and drive straight to the VA. Don’t stop to shop, I might escape. I’m full of mischief like that. 🤪

      • You’re too funny. That reminds me of my father in law who thought the sun rose and set on the VA. No other place would do when the “time came” and if Florida was full up we we’re to find a spot anywhere if we had to search every VA in the country. He gave his Purple Heart to his son . There was a patriot.

      • Your father in law reminds me of the WWII generation. They were all that way. They came home and went straight to work rebuilding their lives and patriotism was part of their soul. The veterans that followed were no less patriotic. I visited the VA hospital in Washington to just show my respect while on temporary duty in DC. I was given a grand tour and met so many vets that were happy and well cared for. It really filled my heart with such gratitude. One vet came rolling down the hall in one of the many electric golf carts they have to get around the complex and he stopped and stared at me and my fellow soldiers. Then he said in that loud NCO voice, “ What the hell are you kids doing in here.” Then he smiled with a gotcha smile and we all laughed our butts off. I knew right then, he was my tribe and I wanted to be there with them. We can be missing our limbs, be blind, deaf, and half crazy, but we are still brothers and sisters that shared the same fate together. We will always be our own tribe. And none of us, no matter how old or how infirm will answer the call again to defend America, our people, and the Constitutional rights of all who stand in our boundaries with a desire for freedom and a chance at a decent life. This was the oath we all took and subsequently paid dearly to uphold. Today, we stand ready in spirit and in heart to do our part. All we ask is when we can’t go on, that the government and the people allow us some small piece of dignity at the end of our tour here. The VA has stumbled many times under the load of 4 million new wounded warriors to care for. Still, it is the place we go to be together and get what care the country will afford us. So, me and my chipmunk battle buddy will lead the way in organizing wheelchair races and midnight raids on the ice cream machine.

      • That’s so true Dan, the camaraderie with career soldiers regardless of the injustice we see at some of the VA hospitals lives on. I think they look at is a home coming. They’ve got that experience in common and it is a bond. My (ex) father in law was in Viet Nam was wounded but stayed in the military.

      • He has my deepest respect. There is no greater honor than for those in every aspect of life to give all they can to those who suffer and have need. They too suffer for their sacrifice as you so well know. We need that if we are to continue to be civilized and grounded in humanity.

      • We have such Amazing young soldiers , many don’t really know what they are getting into. They deserve our respect.

      • I agree. They have no idea what they are getting into at all. By the time they find out…it’s too late. Heartbreaking.

      • This is very true. I remember a young captain being assigned to our headquarters. He was fresh out of Walter Reed with both legs missing. Every step was an undignified struggle but no way was he going to wheel chair himself around. Not once did he show his pain. He was always smiling and carrying on with good humor. I knew he would make it just fine. Most were like that. They just wanted to get well and get back to living as best they could. What great examples of courage for the rest of us.

      • If only we would stop having wars none of the suffering would be necessary. Our children, and those we love, would be whole and safe. It’s funny that the men who start the wars don’t fight in them. They send kids to do their dirty work and then pretend that things like agent orange didn’t really cause damage, so they don’t have to pay for anything. That just doesn’t work for me. Brave and heroic men/boys who never should have had to give up so much, for cowards who sit behind desks and play with numbers.

      • You are so right. The world is in flames with global conflict over mostly ideology and at the heart of it is only a handful of men risking billions of lives and the health of our planet for reasons devoid of honor, integrity, and compassion. How do we let this happen?

      • Brain washing, patriotism, believing lies and not recognizing greed and power plays. We pay for that with the lives and body parts of the people we love. We’re idiots. People don’t start wars, two guys in a room do and then then send children to die so they can have more of whatever it is they want. Boys can’t get a drivers license without signing up for the draft. It’s blackmail. It’s 1984 made to look like something else. The guys who start wars should be the only two who fight. Everyone else should stay home and take care of each other while the morons fight to the death themselves. We destroy entire generations for those two men. We have a huge war machine and not a single building or office for peace. MONEY and power are all that matter, not the lives of our kids.

      • It is sad to think about. I guess that is why we shy away from taking a deeper examination of the demands for peace instead of conflict. As long as one person remains with an aggressive agenda to take what is not theirs or to oppress others, none can have the peace they desire. Peace through strength does not mean one must be more warlike than others. It can simply mean a strong and united bond against tyranny and conflict. The greatest warrior is one who has lived a life of peace and service to the people because no one had the courage to make him or her an enemy.

      • There’s a time to fight. But supposedly our Constitution tells us we can’t start war unless they are attacking our shores but we start wars for PROFIT. It’s as if people and body counts don’t matter, they are just troops. A hundred troops were killed today. No, a hundred loved ones, were killed and why? For what? That’s the part that we have to question. For oil? Artifacts? For WHAT? MONEY? And we have a president who makes fun of POWs and tells us he only likes the guys who don’t get caught. This from a moron who never went to basic training or did a single thing for this country. That’s what I mean. I remember the guys from Nam hiding in the woods, setting booby traps to protect themselves. Even if you come home physically in one piece, you can never be the same and WHY? Anyone who starts a war, a president, dictator, whoever, should HAVE to fight on the front lines until it’s over. No special treatment. And the women who are raped by the soldiers they fight along side of. I don’t know what to say. It’s so horrible. And the civilians, women and children who suffer and die when they have nothing to do with any of it. All the women who are tortured and raped by our guys and everyone else. It’s just too shameful and horrific to contemplate.

      • It is too shameful and horrific to contemplate. It is a type of madness that once unleashed to it’s full extent is unstoppable. Even the strongest and most disciplined unit, leader, or service member subjected to years of depravity in these endless wars of the 21st century lose their minds and can never completely return to the life and person they were before. It’s like a family member with altsheimers. It’s the person you always loved and yet that person cannot act in a way that is expected as before and the greatest stress builds to the breaking point. To tally the true cost of war one must count the toll in lives and misery for a whole generation and in places like the Middle East one must go back 5000 years and begin counting. When does it end? Never, unless the world decides it has had enough. When I came back, it took me six months to stop looking for ambushes along the road or watching people intently for signs of an attack. I even knew I was crazy for feeling that way but couldn’t stop it. It was 17 years before I began taking hot showers again. I was lucky. I was strong enough to endure and not give in to violence or hatred. I didn’t have the demons many have but, I did have a lot of adjusting to do. I think at the very root of it all is one has to confront the horrific fact that humans are the most depraved animals on the planet and that animal lives in each of us. To reconcile that is far more difficult than giving in to it.

      • All so true. I’m so happy you are okay. I watched a program on a session with men who had PTSD and one of them just broke down and had to leave the room because he admitted, that “he missed it all.” I don’t think that part of us is supposed to be awakened, especially at such young ages. They get the boys when their hormones are raging and then exploit them and use them for their own profit. That’s what I hate so much. All the innocent people who die in wars and all of them are innocent except for the powerful people who kill everyone. We have to teach kids to think for themselves and not obey. That’s the problem with the police and National Guard and everyone else…they FOLLOW ORDERS even if they don’t make sense. Like Kent State. They opened fire on innocent and unarmed college students going to class. The guy in charge told the teacher to get them out of there or he would tell his men to open fire and kill them. Look what just happened in the streets with riot police hosing innocent and peaceful protesters against a wall and guys picking unarmed, peaceful people off the streets and putting them into unmarked vans. If you train people to OBEY they will obey and they will not think that they are killing their own neighbors and friends. Terrifying.

      • I remember Kent State and the clash between the old values and the “turn on and tune out” generation. I remember the “fake” news that tried to justify the shootings and I remember how the soldiers, all very poorly trained, and primarily in the guard to avoid going to Vietnam, genuinely never recovered from what happened. That very real example is how insanity becomes a widespread new normal and decisions are made that are clear disasters we can’t come back from. This was the very thing on my mind as we fail to see the difference between protestors shouting for justice and anarchists following their own insane ideology through destruction and hate. On both sides, I can see the fabric of society, the Bill of Rights, and the U.S. Constitution discarded as irrelevant as we turn away from the positive virtues of our humanity to grind our teeth on the insanity of political and social ideology that solves nothing but does bring us all to ruin, including the innocent. Innocence is the first victim of this change we are going through. I have lived and blended into many foreign societies and cultures and in those places where the people suffer the most horrible existence is where the government is weak, ineffective, or non-existent and the whole country operates on a gangland culture of dog eat dog, kill or be killed mindset. When families fail, social bonds fail, and governments fail, the people become reluctant predators. A place I have experience in is Zimbabwe. It was known as the Pearl of Africa with free education and free medical treatment and everyone employed. It fell to a dictator in the late 70’s and the people with lives and longevity equal to Europe and America most recently were declared one of the poorest countries on the planet. The average life expectancy went from 87 to 36. The world leaders said this was good, that the country would take some time to regain it’s strength. It’s been 50 years and the decline has not slowed. America, the Pearl of the World is following the same glideslope. Different causes but same results. The strength of a nation starts in the family, the neighborhood, the farmlands, towns, and cities. The strength of a nation depends on a strong, educated, and empowered people and among them leaders in government are freely selected. When this social ecology fails, the nation fails. When you are weak among thieves you are known as a victim. I understand these things, but have no say in the future. I can only hope that the youngest generation will seek a better path, whatever it may be.

      • That was wonderful and you said it beautifully. Terrifying as it is, you’re absolutely right. All we can do is see what happens next but trump people have been let out of the bag and he’s not going to stop causing as much division and hatred as he can. Fortunately, I think Biden will make peace with the rest of the world and bring some semblance of order back on board. We can only hope. I don’t think the division in this country will ever heal, at least not in my lifetime. Thank you for your thoughts and wise words.

      • I couldn’t agree more Dan. So many have paid a very high price , even with their lives, for our freedom.

      • We shouldn’t ignore the sacrifice. We should carry the freedoms we have earned through the nation’s sacrifice of its citizenry as a badge of honor and guard it. All of the people that so enjoy their tantrums and vilify honorable people should spend a little time working as volunteers in countries that have no useful government, infrastructure, economy, religious freedom, education, or enough food, shelter, clean water, and adequate clothing; where young girls are mutilated, sold as brides, or killed by their family for refusing the advances of someone that doesn’t love or intend to care for them. Go to these places and establish a true base of how precious our freedom is and understand how we waste it. I know that is just beating my chest and practicing my Tarzan yell. But, I so wish there was a way to compare the incomparable before a false narrative is accepted as real and factual.

      • I get this completely. I am missing the sense of dignity and honor , of fair play and of caring for one another that was once the hallmark of this great land. Alarmed at the expendability of lives, let the strong survive and the rest are a burden on the system mentality of those we place in positions to do all they can to protect everyone. Still hopeful.

      • I must admit, I’ve been through this a few times and it always seems so bleak and worrisome but in the past we have pulled back from the abyss and cooler heads prevail. I’m keeping my eyes open for that moment where we realize coming together is how we get through this. Maybe that is much sooner than later. I realize it takes time and reason. My patience can get a little thin at times but after a good rant, a pint of ice cream always heals any self inflicted wounds while ranting. 😋🍦

      • I’ve been through a number of pints of Ben and Jerry’s. I’m a sugar freak trying to keep my serotonin up there. I make my self laugh. 😋🍦

      • Waaa haaa haaa! You make me laugh too. Ben and Jerry’s beat SSRI’s any day. 😋🍦😋🍦

      • Esp Cherry Garcia! 😋

      • Be still my enraptured palate! Cherry Garcia for the win! 😜

      • Yum, I feel a need to replenish my serotonin 🍨

      • Perfect timing. My oldest daughter just dropped by with all sorts of goodies from the Southern Style French Bakery. It all seems to go well with a heaping helping of Cherry Garcia. Have a virtual seat and we’ll dig in. Shall I make a decaf cappuccino?

      • You know I prefer the Southern Style french Bakery, I can smell the fragrant pastries , I will definitely have a cappuccino, lots of sugar please. Thank you so much to your oldest daughter, her timing is perfect!

      • She is so thoughtful and she knows all of my French bakery delights. Enjoy your cappuccino. I hope 3 cubes of sugar will do, and if not, I have plenty more. I took the liberty of crafting a palm tree with the coffee creme and steamed milk.

      • I find that delightful. You are creative. Three cubes should make for a fine sugar high. Join me?

      • I don’t mind if I do join you. What could be better than this, except the hammocks strung out back to finish off that sugar high with a blazing sunset and lightning bugs twinkling in the ivy.

      • Can you imagine how our synapsis would be charging after a pint of Cherry Garcia and pastries from The Southern French Bakery and Cappucino staring off into the sunset with lightning bugs flitting about? Oh wow!

      • I feel it like the cool breeze blowing over crystal waters across a gentle low tide. This is when my thoughts are on comfortable things, and in that comfort a flow of gratefulness fills me. Life is good. 😌. Near by is my alter dedicated to the goddess of Mercy. I make my own incense and the delicate aroma of Hawaiian Sandalwood, Patchouli, and a touch of Clary Sage soothes the nerves and any residual stress from the day melts away. sometimes, it’s just too much and I have to go back for seconds.

      • The sky is deep blue, clusters of stars wink and twinkle. No sound, just the hushed sleepy sweep of waves over sand. A breeze gently rocks the hammocks between the Limbo Gumbo until silvery lashes lower and sleep returns them to a deep purple dream.

      • Purple dreams come as a spiritual lover. The mix of Blue is for the calm of the deep blue sea beneath the surface and the red is the fierceness of creativity, the warm essence of love that advocates for peace, compassion, and the empathy to feel every nuanced emotion of their self and soulmate. The body is well nourished and ready for the sweet dreams under the silk of a night sky. 🔮🔭

      • They air is still, the heat of a rising sun glitters on the waters. Macaw signal to one another, peck the fruit of overripe mangoes. The travelers are awakened, just for a moment they are strangers until they rise like the sun, grasp the hand of the other and, mesmerized by the sound of roaring waterfalls, venture deeper into the lush forest. 🌴🌴

      • The sun makes the beach around the falls warm and inviting but the water is cold and clear with small circles of waves rushing out from the basin to lap at venturing toes. Behind the falls is a open cave where the intrepid pair look through the cascade of water and feel the relief of the cool air from the radiant sun. Together they leap through the crystal curtains and into the frothy water. At first, chaos greats them in a bubbling froth and then like a magic incantation everything is clear and they can stand, seeking each other’s warmth as they play and frolic in the cool waters like otters do.

      • The multicolored parrots and wide winged Toucans swoop ever closer to the playful pair whose own laughter mingles with the ever-changing trills and whistles of the birds, echoing through the surrounding caves and trees. Discovering an aquamarine spring bubbling at the surface the two dive into its depths. Holding tightly to one another  they resurface. Coming up for air they sit on the large stones surrounding the waterfall, let the hot sun burn their shoulders and warm their bodies.  Nothing is said as they rest on the rocks occasionally dipping their hand or toes into the cold water.  Will they lift off at sunrise to fly on to new destinations or wander further into the opulent jungle.

      • The paradise seems a luxury that only chance can provide, but it isn’t by chance they share such wonders. The sleepy pleasure of radiant warmth from the rocks and sun contrasts with the energy of nature in it’s symphony of sound and verdant scenery bespeckled with the vibrant colors of exotic birds and flowers. The chill of the water is life alive with sensation and the adoring countenance of lovers captive to the afterglow of nurture and nature. David sits up and looking far beyond any close thing he dreams of never leaving or parting. Yet, deep in his spirit is a restlessness that tells him, he hasn’t seen it all nor plumbed the true depth of his love for Renate. They must travel further together to know the azimuth of their journey experienced hand in hand. But for now, he is pleased to lie down next to the only love he has known and just feel everything without a thought or a meaning. The wind upon their face and the horizon stretched out beneath them will come again when they are ready.

      • Ahhhh, love this so much!

      • I think this is the most fun I’ve had writing. This story has spilled out of the sad café into an adventure I couldn’t have imagined. I found your secret hiding place on Rainbow Mountain in Huntsville. There was a nice rock overhand where someone drew a cute bunny rabbit on the rocks like cave art except this was in full color and it was signed Holly. I took pictures.

      • I’m completely enthralled with the wonder that lies in this adventure, coming face to face with the unknown and getting lost in the beauty of remote islands unexplored deserts and jungles teeming with wildlife, being completely free to explore exotic worlds in pursuit of the beauty that such a life would hold.
        It’s magical.
        I intended that you should find that secret hiding place on Rainbow Mountain, signed it just for you. I wouldn’t mind seeing that pic.

      • I think you have summed up beautifully my spiritual wonder and restless nature. It was always my desire to explore the world and meet new friends in different cultures, see the beauty of nature that held their awe. My life has been an open vista of mystery that I had to see for myself. I haven’t been everywhere and seen everything but there is still time. I’ll post your cave art on IG just for you. This discovery was on a remote trail very seldom used so you can imagine my surprise to find such a gift left by a playful wood sprite.

      • I can relate to that adventurous nature. So many wonders and magical destinations in the world Im longing to go. Hopefully life won’t be on hold for too much longer. I adore the photo of the rock on Rainbow Mountain. We humans love to leave our mark. It’s so sweet. Thank you for posting that.

      • Yeppir Buddy! I’m about to get impatient with this pandemic. Time to ship this bug to Pluto and get on with getting on. I’m encouraged by recent events. We have a ways to go to heal so many wounds but, we need a place and time to start and maybe that has happened. There is a kind of rule to leave no trace but in this case, I was so thankful to see such a nice message artfully done.

      • I’m very hopeful and relieved, I too was encouraged and thankful for such an inspiring message and hope we can get back on track. I wouldn’t even wish this plague on Pluto but as far as we know no one is home there. 😊

      • I was hoping Pluto was cold enough and far enough away, we’d see no more of this rascal. We have more pandemics on the way but this one is a mild sniffle compared to others. I’ve seen it as a divine way of teaching us a lesson. It has taught us more about ourselves than about epidemiology and the mechanisms and vectors of pathogens. Sadly, we found our infrastructure, knowledge, and management lacking, but our collective indomitable spirit is alive and well. It is a deep tragedy to learn these lessons through widespread suffering. I pray that high cost is not forgotten but inspires the world to replace costly bureaucracy and governmental fumbling in all things unrelated to power grabs with a genuine effort to save the planet which in turn saves us all.

      • So well said Dan. How tragic to have lost so many souls but we can only go forward now. 🤗

      • Forward we must. We musn’t forget who paid the price and who paved the way. Through it all, compassion and dedication carried the day.

      • We need more of that and less hate and conspiracy to disrupt this country that has been through so much. Happy Veterans Day Dan.

      • Thank you Rene 🤗🍦 Happy Veterans Day to you as well. In memory of your Dad who joined a long list of Purple Heart recipients 💜 and to you for picking up the guidon and serving your community selflessly in their time of need. I know your dad is proud of you.

      • Thank you Dan. Veterans are a very special and honored group who share a unique experience , there can never be enough said in appreciation for their service and patriotism.
        Thank you again dear friend, you are so appreciated!

      • There is never regret for a hard labor that is appreciated by those the labor was intended for. 🤗

      • 🙂 Sounds wonderful.

      • It was a good escape I have to admit!

      • Remember the guys wrapped in the Confederate flag yelling, “You lost, get over it?” They never even got over the civil war. I don’t think we are coming together anytime soon. Not in my lifetime. I’m okay with that, as long as they don’t have the power to write the laws I’m expected to live with. I don’t think there’s a way to close, or even narrow the gap between the klan, or any of the others, since there’s really no way to compromise. There’s no way to compromise on equality, you can’t give people a little equality and take the rest for yourself. It won’t work. Neither side can back down on choice, sexism, violence, racism, or anything else. I’ve worked for women’s rights and animal rights for years. The politicians pretend to listen, then they lie and then they keep the status quo going. Just like everything else. Gun control, kids marching int the street. I said, it’s just a little thing, nothing will come of it. The NRA runs the show, they have the money and influence. That’s the way it works. Can you remember the names of the kids on the covers of the magazines. The kids who were going to make a difference? I just heard that gun shops are running out of ammo. So, it was just a blip, like Gerta and climate change. They let her talk and then let companies pollute the ocean, air and soil, as long as they pay heavy fines. I don’t know that we can change anything any longer. No one is listening. No one cares. Hopefully, with a new president, something will change. Hopefully.

      • I totally agree. We have to have a government. I’d just like a fair one that believes in equality and one that works for the people. I also agree we should honor and care for our veterans. They gave so much and to hear that moronic president say the things he’s said is horrifying. Vets deserve respect for what they’ve given/done and they deserve the best care from a government that sent them to fight.

      • He sounds like a wonderful person.

      • Oh, do that. I can him now in his little outfit.

      • We need more Tide and Bagheera cameos. They fit right in.

      • That’s so sweet. ❤

      • Can’t wait to see him.

      • Hollyrenehunter5 at Instagram, he hangs out there.

      • I tried to find it but somehow found other thins but no cat. I will perservere.

      • Look in the clay pot. It’s hysterical.

      • I have not seen him yet. Looking forward to it.

      • He is silky black with ice blue eyes. He is quite the charming young fellow. You’ll enjoy him.

      • Hahaha Party animals are the most fun.

      • They are the best!

  12. You evoked so many great memories here Holly. So lovely! ❤️🎃🎃🎃🎃 xo Cindy

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