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Beth reads at all the parties.  Halloween is no exception.  Everyone at The Coop, including the guests, love her stories.  She brings her own books, so no one knows what to expect and that’s part of the surprise.  Some of the baby chicklets fall asleep, but for the most part, everyone stays awake and listens to every word.  Sometimes they have questions and Beth always takes the time to answer each one.  They all look forward to their time with her.  She is reading early today, so the younger chicklets won’t be afraid of the scary stories in the dark.  She will be reading to the older chickltes and guests before bed.

This is a wonderful way to kick off the party.

Comments on: "The guests have arrived and the HALLOWEEN PARTY has begun…The first activity, will be held after breakfast. Story time…with Beth" (15)

  1. And it was such a great joy to be invited to the coop’s big celebration. If some fall asleep during my reading, I take it as a compliment that they feel comfortable and safe enough to do so.

  2. I’m so excited that the party has started!

  3. Aaaawh 😉

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