Art and the philosophy of life

Today is the 97th birthday of the pop artist Roy Lichtenstein.  I am drawn to the purity of his subject matters and saturation of colors.  His influence helped recognize everyday graphic art as high art, the way it should be seen.  The world is a better place because he was in it and still feels […]

Happy 97th Birthday Roy Lichtenstein — Waldina

Comments on: "Happy 97th Birthday Roy Lichtenstein — Waldina" (9)

  1. I so love Lichtenstein… One of the greatest artists of the XXth century…

    • I agree. I love his work, although I haven’t studied him…I think he’s amazing.

      • Neither ahve I. Sometimes I wonder whether I should have studied Art History? 😉

      • Well, you are better off reading about artists yourself. That way you can form more of your own opinion. Teachers often ruin things for others by pretending they know what an artist meant, or by passing on ideas the art world makes up. LOL. Better to read what the artists have to say, or watch them being interviewed, or working. At least that’s what I’ve found.

      • I agree. I always find it incredible how some pretend to have read Picasso’s mind when he painted Guernica. 🤣

      • That’s true. I think Picasso despised women, that’s why Guernica looks the way it does. I know that no one saw it for ages and when they did they all went insane and it broke all the rules, blah blah blah, but while he used women…he hated them. Just my opinion, of course.

      • My mother once told me about a friend of theirs who was a “Ladies man”, that “as all Ladies men, he really was a mysoginist.” 😉

      • Without a doubt. Your mother was a very smart woman.

      • She was. NO bias on my part. Of course she had her faults, but overall I was lucky to know her… She taught me a number of useful things…

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