Art and the philosophy of life

woman in black dress standing on purple background

Some call them a coven, but they aren’t witches.  They are simply a group of dedicated women who are tired of looking the other way when violence against women is everywhere, and the screams of their battered and violated sisters, world wide, can be heard in the streets.

They are women who have seen life from the end of a fist, or the floor of a dorm, or an alley.  Women who have scars and know how to make perfect stitches in the flesh of others, when they need to be put back together again. They are brave, beautiful and angry warriors.  Women who can make accidents happen.  Know how to hide bodies, and get blood stains out of clothing.   They never forgive or forget, and they never miss their mark. Halloween, is their favorite time of the year.

They are protected by the Death Goddess Kali, and walk with Diana, Goddess of the Hunt.

They are always working and always recruiting.  I can’t tell you their name, or how to contact them directly, but if you leave a note in the crook of the tree, you might hear from them.

Oh, one more thing.  Revenge tastes like chocolate, to die for, brownies with chunky dark chocolate chips and a gooey molten lava center.  Really.  It does.  It tastes so good they can’t even hear the men beg for the mercy they never gave anyone else.


Photo:  Erik Mclean

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