Art and the philosophy of life

Pumpkins…a poem

jack o lantern on black floorwe were born
for this moment
little one
don’t be afraid
it’s our one chance
to look out
at the world
away from
the pumpkin patch
everything is
different here
and while
we might not have
a lot of time
every moment
of your freedom
and know that you
are loved


Photo:  Samuel Bryngelsson

Comments on: "Pumpkins…a poem" (4)

  1. I find this to be strangely touching;)

    • Thank you so much. I’m madly in love with those pumpkins. LOLOL As soon as I saw the photograph on Unsplash I was lost in their adorableness. So sweet. I want them to be safe and have fun, so I understand what you’re feeling. 🙂 Thank you again.

  2. Sweet!!!!!
    I saw a fab story about a guy …I think in Georgia…. not sure…
    He owns a pumpkin patch. This time of year his patch is filled with families and kids, but not this year due to Covid.
    SO, he loads up a big truck with pumpkins and Hallowe’en gak, and with permission of local communities, sets up mini pumpkin patches. The kids love it! Because they are small local neighbourhood events, there’s room to socially distance, people wear masks,(except the youngest of children) and they have mobile hand washing sinks.
    He’s been able to hire his laid off helpers back. He got another truck, and hired more people.
    Everybody wants this travelling pumpkin patch to come to their neighbourhood.
    I tried to find a link to the story, but had no luck. I’ll keep my eyes open!

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