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HUMANS…book review

This arrived yesterday and I read the whole thing.  I loved HUMANS OF NEW YORK and HUMANS OF NEW YORK/Stories.  Didn’t like LITTLE HUMANS at all, but I was excited to see that there was a new book.

The photographs are wonderful but I can’t recommend this book to anyone other than those looking for more misery in their lives.  There are some cute kids among the pages and a couple of nice stories but for the most part it’s a book about broken dreams, loss, death, sickness, hopelessness and abject poverty.  I felt terrible after I was finished it.

There are a few longer stories, which I didn’t like, or finish.  I like the short blurbs, and the stories of New Yorker’s were still the ones that didn’t make me feel like there was no hope left in the entire world.  War, rape, dreams that it was too late to catch,   Women held prisoner by their culture and the men around them, abuse, hunger, constant work, scrounging for money.  Divorce, sick kids, and death, always death.  It’s about kids being physically and mentally abused, orphans being physically and mentally abused, kids wondering what the point is, living on the streets, just so much hopelessness.  So many horrible parents, adults, and governments destroying so many lives.

So, unless you want to read about the horror around the world, which actually makes New York look like a piece of cake, don’t read this book.  Aside from a couple of happy people, the book made me feel as if there’s no reason to ever believe that happiness can possibly exist.  It’s a terrible world, everywhere.  The things we do to each other are so horrific and destructive…and deadly.

And when the younger people talk about their dreams, you want to look away, knowing that they don’t have a chance.  And all the while, girls fighting to just be able to leave the house.  Forced marriages, terrible things.

Depressing.  Very depressing.

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  1. Won’t go near it! There’s enough depressing ship coming out of the mouth of drump. 10 more days to something better, I hope!

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