In the beginning…

silhouette of person on top of mountain pointing flashlight on sky filled with stars at night time

in the quiet time
between breaths
when the earth
was birthing itself
and deciding
what it wanted to be
cats were
and opening their paws
and rabbits
were growing their ears
and birds were flapping
their brand new wings
and everything that was
was beginning to awaken
amidst the gentle whispers
a human appeared
and threw his magic
into the air
along with a promise
to do no harm
and in the beauty
of those glorious moments
the first lie
had been told
death and
licked their lips
and laughed


Picture: Dino Reichumuth

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4 Responses to In the beginning…

  1. I love how tender this is, and heartbreaking at the end. Your writing is insightful, thank you.

  2. Well, i have to ditto the comment above!

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