Art and the philosophy of life

So many things are going on at The Coop.  The chicklets are working with their committees to get things ready for their guests and the party.  As usual, the kitchen is humming with activity and, as usual, the cookies and treats disappear as quickly as they’re made.

There are only two piglets and four hens in the hospital. They are there from the last Factory Farm rescue.  All are doing better and the warming bunnies are with them around the clock.

Jimi, Ivy and Spot are on their way to The Party Barn, to practice and help out with the decorations.

Things are moving along nicely and everyone is overjoyed at the thought of the costume contest.

Holly is making her wonderful treats, Resa is designing costumes for Holly and herself, and Beth is bringing more fairy lights and will be reading to everyone.

It going to be another wonderful event for the chicklets and their friends.


Comments on: "Some of the chicklets are headed to their committees to practice, or work on things for the Halloween Party…." (9)

  1. yay! so happy for the chicklets! ❤

  2. Looks like everything is all abuzz and humming along nicely. I’m going to be sharing my brand new story, “Goldilflocks and the 3 Hares.”

  3. They are so adorable! 🐣

  4. Love the art work.

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