I think it’s strange that…

…people are asking for others to pray for the “president.”  I just don’t have time to do that.

I’m still busy thinking about the kids who were ripped out of their mother’s arms, torn from their families, and placed in internment camps.  Kids who DIED ALONE IN INTERMENTS CAMPS laying on a cement slab, without any medical care.

I’m still busy thinking about the people arrested, beaten, knocked down and water hosed, shot with rubber bullets, by militarized police and unmarked soldiers, for marching peacefully in our streets.

I’m still busy thinking about the black lives that DIDN’T MATTER, and the police who weren’t punished for what they did.

I’m still busy thinking about the KKK and the white hate groups that are being encouraged by the president, to be violent and spread their hatred.  Allowed to carry automatic weapons in the streets.

I’m still busy thinking about the people who can’t live on minimum wage, if they can find jobs at all.  Those who can’t get an education or FOOD,  (living in a food desert).

I’m still busy thinking about the disabled people the president mocked.  The POW’s he insulted and attacked, the way he treats those who have had the virus, which he never acknowledged,  and the way he has ignored those who lost those their loved ones to this disease.

I’m busy thinking about how he killed so many people by encouraging others to not wear masks.  Telling people the virus wasn’t real, it was only as bad as the flu, not to worry about anything, it was almost gone.  I’m busy thinking about all the people who died because his followers refused to do the right thing and wear a mask.

I’m still busy thinking about the ugly things he has to say that hurt so many others.  I’m still thinking of his never ending lies and the easy way he dismisses the suffering of others.

“I’m busy thinking about how he brags about hijacking the upcoming election, the way he took over the post office, the way he keep spreading LIES.

I mean, I could go on and on, but really, the president isn’t even on my list of things to think about.  He never will be.


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14 Responses to I think it’s strange that…

  1. I hear that. I don’t feel like we have options with our voting choices this election too. Who is for the people?

  2. I’m thinking about how he’s a clear and present danger and has ripped apart every American Institution that he can . That he would hobble the USPS in order to prevent mail in ballots that might cost him the presidency in the middle of a pandemic he demands people vote in person when his followers refuse to wear a mask and will actually yank one off your face. I’m thinking about how he’s a white Supremest whose plan is to take the election results to the Supreme Court that he has stacked with immoral characters such as Kavanaugh and has nominated a member of a religious cult who believes men hold dominion over women. That he plans to remain in the White House if he loses the election and create an authoritarian rule in the US. That he has ignored science and arrogantly conspired with red states governor’s to open up all businesses with no mandated mitigation. That 208000 people are dead as a direct result of his mishandling of the Covid Virus and as the figures rise he claims we are “turning the corner”. Most of all I’m thinking it didn’t have to be this way if 40% of the population was smarter and not racist and had recognized a con man at the start.

    • Wow…you said that so beautifully. Thank you. Perfect.

      • We are desperately trying to save our democracy. Biden says he is pulling his ads because Trump has Covid. Did he let up on Hilary for one second when she was very ill with pneumonia 4 years ago…No. He was viciously attacking her. Biden should not let us down, we nominated him to save our democracy, Trump has killed over 200,000 Americans with help from his GOP affiliates.

      • You are absolutely correct. I couldn’t agree more. I think the democrats need to be more aggressive if they want to get the country back on track even a little.

  3. I have said this before, “What goes around comes, comes around.” Karma is a bitch!
    Georgiann, Stay safe and healthy.

  4. Well said… both you and Holly’s comments above!!

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