The real issue…

The real issue in this country is the overwhelming desire of the conservative right to control women’s bodies.  Period.   That’s it.

Here’s the thing.  The religious right does not care about children. They don’t care whether they are fed, educated, have health care, or whether they have shelter.  They CARE about forcing women who have have sex, or are raped, to bring a fetus to term.  They care about CONTROLLING WOMEN and making them less threatening.

Over the past few days I have seen people on TV asked who they were  going to vote for.  These people live in swing states.  Almost every one said, “Well, I don’t really like trump but the democrats believe in abortion, so…”

Now, over 700,000 people have died from a virus.  TRUMP has allowed that number to continue to rise every single day.  He refuses to save the lives of HUNDREDS OF THOUSANDS OF HUMAN BEINGS.  OVER ELEVEN HUNDRED A DAY are dying and that number, according to the experts, will continue to rise.  But STILL, PEOPLE ARE UPSET OVER THE FACT THAT A WOMEN HAS THE FREEDOM TO CHOOSE WHETHER OR NOT TO HAVE CONTROL OVER HER OWN BODY.  They are willing to let thousands of people die, everyday, rather than vote for someone who is pro-choice.

People are TAUGHT to hate women on such a deep level that you can’t even see it’s roots.  It’s systemic.  The fact that people can ignore the horrific number of daily DEATHS AND VOTE FOR the person who is responsible for those deaths, rather than vote for someone who believes in a woman’s right to CHOOSE, is beyond insane.  They would rather have a liar, egomaniac, in charge, than someone who would give them affordable healthcare, and better schools, than allow women, who will have abortions anyway, to have SAFE ABORTIONS.

The major goal of the religious conservative right wing crazies is to overturn Roe vs Wade.  The RIGHT WING WOMEN will continue to have safe abortions, as THEY ALWAYS HAVE, while poor women will once again DIE in self induced, or back alley abortions, which the conservatives feel is their due, for having sex, or being raped in the first place.

It’s not a matter of whether they can stop abortions, they can’t, and they never will.  It’s how many women will die because they can’t get safe ones.  They get off on how many women they can kill.  They really do.  It’s sick, really sick.


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34 Responses to The real issue…

  1. While they are taking away women’s rights they are killing as many social programs as possible that might assist children because once they come into this world they are on their own. The GOP would do away with Medicaid, food stamps, healthcare ( they are dying to kill the ACA with no plan of their own. Trump plans to attack social security and medicare if re-elected and the Cult are oblivious to the hardships they will face. of course he’s not planning to “leave” regardless.

  2. Resa says:

    It’s too crazy for words.
    Oh Gi, what’s going to happen?
    The US election is making me, and everyone I know insane.
    It’s only time until religious factions rise up in Canada, and copy the US.
    Although we are very different, as a social democratic society, we are & always have been copycats of the USA, to some degree.

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