The Magical Apothecary…47

“How can nothing change?” asked Joey, outraged.

Lacy stared at him.  “Nothing ever changes, surely you know that.  Things are just covered up better than before.  Oh sure, crumbs are thrown at the masses to calm them down.  Committees are formed, false promises are made, tiny, completely meaningless things are moved from one place to another, small concessions made, but basically, everything stays the way the people in power want it to stay.  How can you not know that?  It’s called the status quo.”


“Sometimes the the changes actually make things worse,” she added.


“Just keep in mind that power corrupts,” said Diana, “and there are millions of people who love corruption and want to control others.”

“I think we’re getting off track,” said Teatree.  “We need to stop them from sealing the borders to Fairy and stop them from taking our Magic.”

“He’s right,” said Joey.  That should be our number one concern.”

“The people in power are cowards and bullies,” said the Queen.  “They will be shielded and send their expendables to do their dirty work, the way they always do.  They don’t care how many die, to protect their assets and positions.”

“Can you spell the police and the armed forces, so they see things differently?”

“I can use a blanket spell but I’m not positive I can get every single one of them,” laughed the Queen.  “Still, it shouldn’t be a problem, at least not locally.”

“There is one other option,” said Lacy.

“Explain, please,” sighed Joey.

“We can move.”

“Move?” he asked.

“To a different plane.”

“You mean leave this reality?” he asked.

“This reality is just a shadow,” she said.  “We can move, take our magic with us, and let them all kill each other.”

There was silence in the room.

“Well, I’m HERE,” sighed, the Summer Queen, as she walked in.

Everyone turned to look at her.

“Sister,” said the Winter Queen.

The Summer Queen nodded at her.

“Oh, this should be good,” whispered Cormick.

They explained what was going on and the Queen sat down, guarded by four of her court.

“Seriously?” said the Winter Queen.  “You brought guards?  Afraid you’d be mugged on your way here?”

The Summer Queen glared at her. “Only by you,” she said.

“Back to the idea of moving to a different plane,” said Joey.

“I think it’s a good idea,” said the Winter Queen.  “We don’t really have much to do with the humans.  We’ll still be able to steal an occasional baby, if we feel the need.”

“You steal babies?” asked Joey, horrified.

“I’ll explain changelings later, love,” said Diana.

“I really hate to agree with my sister,” sighed the Summer Queen, “but I do.  It’s the fastest and easiest way to avoid war and we can’t stop the destruction from taking place, so why would we risk a single life to stop them from doing what they want to do.  When they’re gone, we can see what’s left of the planet and save what we can.”

Everyone mumbled and Lacy brought out more scones.

“I think it’s brilliant,” she said, putting a new jar of strawberry jelly on the worktable.

Everyone nodded.

“How do we do that?” asked Joey.

“It’s not that hard,” said the Summer Queen, it will be as if the humans are behind a veil but you can tune into them if you want to.  They, however, won’t be able to do that to us.”

“She’s your aunt, you know,” snickered the Winter Queen, who was glared at by her sister.  “You can call her Auntie, if you like,”

“No,  you cannot,” said the Summer Queen, shooting daggers at her smiling sister.”

“You two make me happy that I’m an only child,” said Joey.

They both looked at him and started laughing.

“He’s right, you know,” said his grandmother.

Her sister sighed.  “Probably.”

“Back to the matter at hand,” said Diana.  “If we’re going to do this, we need to do it fast and…”

Everyone who has magic will simply be moved to another state of being.  They won’t notice, not really, but there won’t be any humans, religion,  government, other than us, I mean, and no conservatives.  it will be lovely,” she sighed.  “Like a dream come true.”

The gardens will will be amazing,” said the Summer Queen and we’ll take the animals as well, so they no longer have to be tortured and slaughtered.”

“A wonderful idea, sister.”

“Did you all here that?” said the Summer Queen.  “She said my idea was wonderful.”

Everyone sighed.

“Well, we can’t really be friends,” the Winter Queen said, to her sister.  But at this moment, we can work together for the good of Fairy.”

“Uh, stupid question,” said Joey, but…”

“There are no stupid questions grandson of mine.  What is it?”

“Will there be streets and things like The Apothecary?”

“You won’t even notice the difference.  All that will be missing are the humans.”

“She’s right,” said the Summer Queen.

“You heard her say that I was right, didn’t you?” laughed the Winter Queen.

“You won’t notice the difference very much at all,” said Lacy.

“But there will still be violence,” he said.  “A Fairy killed my mother and one killed Flower, while he was trying to kill me.”

“That’s true,” said Teatree.  “But things have calmed down considerably and you’ve proven yourself well enough to be treated with respect.”

“Proven myself?”

“Joey,” said Lacy.  “I know this is going to be an issue, but we need to concentrate on saving Fairy and our Magic.”

“But what if nothing’s different there either?”

“It will be.  I promise,” she said.

“Summer and Winter are always at war,” he said.  Fairies fight all the time.  Violence is common.  My Grandmother and Aunt,” he said, nodding to both of them, “can kill anyone they like, whenever they want to”


“No,” he said, “this is about protecting magic, that’s all.”

“Yes.  It is,” said Lacy.  “Imagine what it would be like if it was syphoned from us and the government would use it against us.”

“It would be horrible,” said Diana.  “They already have too much power and they abuse it at every turn. ”

“I want to know that we’ll make things better wherever we go from here.  Or can’t you change either?” asked Joey.

No one said anything.

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