Art and the philosophy of life


black and white animal skeleton

it’s funny
how so many people
think wearing a mask
takes away their freedom
when they don’t have any problem
taking away
freedom from women
the elderly
Native Americans
gays & lesbians
the poor
they don’t seem to care
that their freedom
to go mask-less
can kill other people
taking away THEIR
freedom forever

every way
represents DEATH to me
death of morals
of intelligence
of harmony
of honesty
of understanding
of community
of surviving
of generosity
of kindness
of beauty
and of goodness

I no longer see this country
as anything but a
run by a crazy person
who has followers

our country was founded on
a separation
of church and state
but that is no longer the case
the hypocritical religious
right wing conservatives
want to run all of our lives

the above picture
America to me
it represents the
of a country
the environment
the death

all destroyed
by one man
and a pathetic
political party
too afraid to stand up
and protect the citizens
they were elected to protect



Photo:  Mat Reding

Comments on: "America…" (8)

  1. Yup, no argument here. Americans are pretty damn foolish from where I stand.

  2. Sad and true!
    The United States of America has become a cult with trump as their Jim Jones/David Koresh.

  3. I loved your poem up to the part about America representing death. The part about the hypocrisy of those who refuse to wear masks is spot on. But I understand what you mean about, or I feel you mean about, mourning what appears to be the death of America, if indeed that is what you meant. But the IDEA of America, what it really stands for, what I believe in my heart and bones we really are is what I love about us, our country. And I do believe we will survive this man, we will undo all that he did and attempted to do to us, and we will be “great” again, as I always believe we have been, even more now since all that we are has been threatened by Trump. We are not dead yet. Although so many have needlessly died. In our heart and bones we are strong, and we will throw off this tyrant. I deeply believe this, despite all the evidence to the contrary. Trump and his minions are a minority, an aberration. They are not America but the antithesis of it. We will throw them out.

    • I’m so happy you have hope. I would like to believe we were a great nation but we were built on salves and the death of Native Americans. I don’t really think of us as ever having been great. But I’m happy that you feel that way. We punish the poor after we making and keeping them poor. This is a nation of rich white men, living off of everyone else. It’s out in the open now. No one has ever cared about violence against women, that’s why it never stops. Rape, beatings, torture, murders, it won’t stop because men don’t want to stop doing it and they make the laws and define our place in this country. They get to do what they want to do. Our babies die almost as often as 3rd world countries, education sucks and greed, power and money are the only thing that matter. The Constitution was actually written to protect the assets of land owning white men. The Klan is still active, people are killed in the street in front of others and no one is punished. It’s always been that way. So, I’m not seeing much to be around of except for the propaganda. The American dream is dead in the water. Sexism, racism, ageism, and all the other isms are alive and well. Women still get paid less than men for the same job, black women get paid less than white women and hispanic women get the lowest pay of all. Even though women are often single mothers with dead beat husbands. But the government goons get to give themselves huge raises every year, while controlling minimum wage. I was born, raised and still live in Chicago. We know corruption, believe me. I just try to be realistic about what’s going on. I’ve literally been in the street fighting for the rights of everyone for most of my life. Been in Washington, doing whatever could be done, but nothing can be done. They LIE to our faces and know we can’t do anything about anything at all. We are one of the only countries who couldn’t pass an Equal Rights Amendment. So, I’m happy for you, I just see the country in a different light.

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