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Ruth Bader Ginsberg has died!

She said she would try and live until the election was over, so the next president could replace her.

She was a wonderful role model and a true worker for equality and the rights of everyone.  She stood up for what she believed and she believed in women.

She will be missed so very, very, much.

Comments on: "Ruth Bader Ginsberg has died!" (67)

  1. She will…
    (Darn, darn, another spot for the crook)

    • OMG This is such a horrific loss. Terrible. And now he’s going to try an appoint someone who is anti choice and ultra conservative, when he shouldn’t be able to do it. But he breaks the law ALL THE TIME and gets away with it. This is a nightmare.

      • The balance in the Supreme Court is going to be very bad… 😩😩😩

      • I can’t stand to think about it. I can’t stand to think about a lot of things right now. It’s like watching a horror show.

      • It is. As I almost document all of my parents’ photo and film archives, I go back to their youth after the war, to some people I have known. Who’d all fought the war. And because they had, they were “gentlemen”. Educated. Mindful. They’d seen enough… grief and horror to repeat it in everyday life. Problem is now nobody remembers the war. Which is why there probably will be one. And the horrors. And then the survivors will straighten up and say “never more”. Until next time.
        I sometimes think War is just mankind’s destiny…
        Meanwhile… Stay safe, and enjoy the fall.

      • War never ends nowadays. Iran, Iraq and who knows…maybe even here, in the future.

      • Well, let’s switch tags. Have you been able to see to your family at least a bit?

      • Yes, daughter stopped by yesterday. We stay outside, wear masks, but we get together for a bit now and then. Mostly talk on the phone a lot. How about you?

      • Good that you can keep contact. “Fortunately”, daughter #1 and hubby (and grandkids) caught the virus. No symptoms. 15 days quarantine. So from then on, we could have a family lunch (including daughter #2 at a distance) and we now get the grandkids once or twice a week. 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻

      • I’m so glad the symptoms were mild, or none at all. You have to e careful with the kids, as well. N one is safe, that’s the bad part. As I said, deb and I stand outside and talk, masks and far away from each other. I don’t know what we will do in the winter. Probably not see each other at all.

      • Well, the kids most likely caught it already. And they’re not in contact with anyone but us really.
        Winter? OMG. No way you can stand outside… But then, if both wear masks and sit at a good distance, surely you can share a cup of coffee in the kitchen? I’ll try to remember to ask my daughter. I mean if your daughter is not exposed?

      • Wait, you’re seeing the kids how have it? I hope I read that incorrectly. It’s safer to just stay away from each other during the winter. We’ll figure something out but just with my daughter. The kids see too many other people who have had it. My grandson had it and so did his friends. I can’t take a chance being around any of them.

      • No, you read correctly. Daughter #1 and our son-in-law both tested positive after our grandson had a fever. Both are MD’s. After their quarantine, we can now see them. kids included, they’re not contagious anymore. They know, they’re doctors. The kids don’t go out of their house since all school is online. Matter of fact, both grandkids are here today. If your grandson had it, you’re safe with him. Of course, not if he comes from public transportation. When our daughter comes from the hospital, she takes a shower here and changes clothes.

      • Oh, I’m so glad everyone is okay. Yay!!!! And you get to see them again. That’s wonderful. My grandson is doing unsafe behaviors, at his age. Way too risky for me. 🙂

      • Yes, we are quite pleased, it’s a break from the lockdown. Now if your grandson is exposed to many people, though he is now “protected”, he could carry the virus on his clothes. Better safe than sorry.

      • The kids are in the high risk category, so I’m staying away from them. LOL They aren’t here right now, both at school. She graduated, but her boyfriend is still in school and my grandson is in his last year but will be home in November for good, since he only has one in school class and doesn’t want to stay there for that. They he’s graduating. 🙂

      • Yes, kids are in “high contact”. Is that grandson your son’s son? Graduating end of year? Compliments

      • Yes, he wants to get a Master’s, so we’ll see what happens. One more in school and granddaughter graduated in May, so she’s out.

      • Does he already know what Masters he wants to do?

      • Not sure. His degree is in Finance, so…

      • Daughter #2 got her degree in Business and Finance, worked as Banker in NY, then switched to International development for her Masters in DC. 😀 One never knows.

      • No they sure don’t. Things are a bit off, with the virus and schools having a difficult time, right now. They just decided to open the grade schools in our neighborhood, for those who want to attend. K through 6. No one really knows what to do about anything, since there’s no end in sight.

      • Exactly. No-one knows what to do. Except the young woman who’s Prime MInister in New Zealand, Merkel, the guys in Singapore, Vietnam… A handful.
        I always think that if those of us in the private sector had ever been so incompetent, we’d have been fired long ago…🤣

      • Now the on-line classes for little kids? It’s fun. We have little G at home twice a week for “the school” on-line. Very interesting. 🧐

      • Well, that’s fun. 🙂 I love THE SECRET GARDEN. My favorite. Well that and Eloise at Christmas. If you’re looking for kids movies.

      • Thanks for the tips. With little G. coming twice a week for “class”. He is allowed 30 mins “Telly”.

      • Those are fun films for kids. Although, today, they may be too tame.

      • Well, we tend to “be selective”. I ask Little G. what he wants to see, Paw patrol used to be one of his favourites. And if I don’t know, I watch with him. (Even when I do… it is a moment of sharing)

      • It’s so wonderful. I remember watching Harry Potter with my grandkids and how much fun we had. Of course, I loved Harry Potter and they probably watched it FOR me, but we had a lot of fun.

      • Rare and precious sharing moments, right? (He loves Toy story…) (I’m not sure I can take a tenth watching Toy story any more. 🤣

      • Hahahahahahahahahah I can’t say that I blame you one bit.

    • Such a terrible loss.

      • This year is a disaster. We needed her so badly, she was an amazing woman advocate !

      • You’re absolutely right. I can’t believe she’s gone. She was fighting and dictating, trying to hold back the hate and ugliness that is the republican party to her last breath. I don’t think anything can stop their hateful ugliness.

      • It Doesn’t seem so and I find each day more and more painful with what Im seeing. I’m so sick of it.

      • So do I. I feel more and more helpless, as if nothing can stop what’s happening and I just have to watch everything crash around us.

      • It does seem we are on a run away train . A bad dream.

      • I feel helpless and I hate that. That’s how the republicans want us to feel. Hopeless and helpless, so that we’ll take whatever they give us. There is not longer any laws or lines that they will not break or cross and NO ONE IS STOPPING THEM FROM DOING ANYTHING. I actually got something in the mail from postal workers who are hysterical, saying that trump is destroying the post office and mail delivery may be a thing of the past. I didn’t read it. I’m overloaded and cant look anymore because nothing makes any difference any longer. I’ve fought, marched, demonstrated, flown to Washington, protected clinics, registered voters, handed out leaflets, gone door to door, done a million things and none of it matters anymore. Not RBG is gone. I don’t know what to fight or how to do it now.

      • The GOP is dead. They killed themselves in the name of Trumpism. They allowed our DOJ to be politicized by a Yrump sychophant who has embraced being Trumps attorney and fixer on the tax payers dollars. He has politicized the Supreme Court with Kavanaugh and they have allowed it in direct violation of the constitution that they wipe their rump on . If he can cheat he will be re-elected, if not he will refuse to leave and declare peaceful protestors of sedition, already approved by Barr the fixer. If the majority take back our country we will once again have to break with norms by adding additional judges to the Supreme Court. But so be it. The Congress has that right but we must win the senate back and I’m feeling hopeful. Don’t stop fighting. This is Germany 1933.

      • The horror of that last sentence is like ice water down one’s back. But it’s true. America has gone mad.

      • It’s true, the Dem’s better put on their big boy pants cause it’s going to take everything they’ve got.

      • I hope they have the courage to do something. That’s what’s missing…guts to stand against what’s happening. The republicans are so disgusting it makes me sick.

      • The Republican’s are like a herd of wild bulls trampling everything in sight and it seems the Dems don’t have the fortitude to really go get them.

      • I don’t think they can stop them. No one has stood up to him so far. NO ONE! What are they going to do to him? Complain? They’re already saying everything he’s doing is illegal but nothing is done about that either. More things are coming up about Russia and other countries interfering in the election and what’s being done about that? The moron is still lying CONSTANTLY…EVERYTHING THAT COMES OUT OF HIS MOUTH IS A LIE, and no one is stopping that either. I don’t know what the democrats can, or will do.

      • I’m reading and hearing what I felt all along and that is that Mueller went easy on Trump… afraid of him.

      • So many people are afraid of him. In the beginning he went after their families, down to the tiny children. But they’re cowards, more interested in keeping their jobs than DOING THEM by protecting the public. I don’t see anyone standing against him.

      • No one. I half regained respect for Romney but he has so caved in it’s pathetic.

      • Sigh…I think it’s time for us to all become our own heroes, since no one in shining armor is forthcoming.

      • That’s for sure , we have to resist and fight and never give in esp women, we are being treated like Chattel by these closet freaks.

      • We do. We can’t just sit back and have the religious, hateful conservative right, take away everything we’ve fought for for YEARS AND YEARS. Makes me sick.

      • He again said today he will not leave the office of president due to mail in ballots which he and his family have always used. He has threatened to impound mail in ballots and take it to his rigged Supreme Court if he loses the election.

      • OMG! How are we going to stop him?

      • Don’t make me say it.

      • I won’t. I won’t.

  2. So sad. She is irreplaceable and will so sorely missed.

  3. i am utterly heartbroken. and scared.

  4. How sad this is. May she RIP! Notorious RBG

    It’s changing the face of the election. Even if the Dems win BIG, if the GOP has replaced her, Roe V Wade will have years to be finally struck down.

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