Tech…A story Poem…

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no one remembers
the exact date
when people stopped
recognizing facial expressions
and voices

the time
when humans
especially those
under the age of
could only speak through
code and lyrics

eyes closed
they sifted through the music
hoping to catch words
that when put together with others
made sense
and told a story

it started as a game
but it wasn’t long
before it’s all they understood

became a tangled web
of phrases and numbers
riffs and decodable murmurings
the deeper people got into it
the less they wanted to
come out
until some were hooked up to
wasting away in specially made chairs
that held them

their vision
became dull and insufficient
for safe mobility
the matrix flashed across the back
of their eyelids
while their headphones and implants
screamed into their minds
until they lost touch with reality

that’s when the anti tech revolution
and even though tech was everywhere
and no movement went
the war to save future generations
while not quickly won

cannot be stopped

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