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Kate…A Story poem…

Fantasy Microphone Singer - Free image on Pixabay

was born outside
on a clear night
under a crescent Moon

the first thing she saw
through her blurry vision
was that beautiful sliver
of white
hanging in the sky above her

she cooed
at it
and kicked her feet

opening and closing
her tiny new fingers
she reached out
toward the Moon
and the
took notice

the Moon looked
and saw a new daughter
one of Her very own
so She placed
a crescent birthmark
on her wee right arm

with the Moon
sang to Her
every night

she sang about
the Moon’s beauty
she sang about
Her kindness
and when Katie closed her eyes
the only thing she ever saw
was that beautiful crescent Moon
smiling down at her

so if you hear someone singing
about the wonders
of the Moon
and the night sky
it’s probably one of Katie’s songs


if you listen carefully
in the dead of night
and you hear Katie
and understand the words
then you may be one of the
children as well
it never hurts
to check for a birthmark
on your right arm

Comments on: "Kate…A Story poem…" (9)

  1. Rats.. no birthmark, just a bunch of age spots.
    I wonder if those have anything to do with far away stars?

  2. How lovely is this?! Beautiful 🙂

    • Thank you. Sometimes I think we’re all born under some sign, or thing. That first breath inhales whatever it is and it efects out whole lives, without us knowing a think about it.

  3. Reblogged this on Wordifull and commented:
    A beautiful ode to the Moon from Gigi ❤

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