Okay, so…

Most people like the daytime.  A lot of people equate night with evil, or scary things, but that’s simply because we can’t see in the dark.

Here’s the thing.  If we could see at night, but not during the day, we would love the night and be afraid of, or dislike, the daytime.  It’s all about being able to see.

We put all kinds of meanings on things because we ourselves are limited in so many ways.  The things we believe aren’t true, or real, they’re just things we’re afraid of, or don’t understand, because of all the lies we’ve all been told.

We can’t see without light, not without infra red night goggles, so that makes things scary.  It’s as simple as that.  The night itself isn’t bad, and daytime isn’t better than the night, it’s our physical lack of night vision that make us believe the things we believe…not the things themselves.

It’s like that with everything.   We just don’t think about the things we believe, we just believe what we have been told/taught.  We need to stop that and instead, start looking at whether what we were told/taught, by parents, schools, CHURCHES, or anyone else,  has any validity at all.  All the lies about race, women, and everything else…all the lies, made up by others, FOR THEIR OWN BENEFIT, and taught to the next generation who believed them without thinking, have brought us to this horrible mess we’re in right now.

Our mistaken beliefs CAUSE the bad things to happen.  As long as the lies exist, we will never have peace, love, or understanding.  Anything that is NOT LIFE AFFIRMING and for THE GOOD OF ALL AND THE HARM OF NONE, is something that needs to be changed.  That’s one way to tell if someone else is getting a pay off for keeping things the way they are, instead of making them better.  Hate is taught.  Lies have always been passed off as truths from our government and religious institutions and yet the masses, who have been taught from birth, not think for themselves, swallow the lies whole and that teaches them who to hate and how to think.

It’s very sad and very deadly.  You can tell, by all the dead bodies.  Did any of us know any people from Viet Nam?  Did we HATE them and want to kill them before we were lied to about them?  Everyone who goes to Viet Nam today tells us that they are kind and gentle people.  Generous and sweet.  Lies lead to hate and death for absolutely no other reason than the men behind the lies, who grow rich and powerful over the dead bodies of those we love.

It’s happening right now, in the streets.  We can see it being played out by a moron in the white house.  His hate unleashed, his need for attention and power causing tantrums and violence, which he eats up and blames on others, when it’s like food for his hateful heart.

It’s pathetic and leading to a world of division, more hate and death.  While he sits on his thrown of ego, directing his republican goons, looking at his own face in his fun house mirror.

And just where is the ACLU?  Remember all the money that was poured into that organization when the moron was elected?  What have they done?  NOTHING AT ALL, as far as anyone can tell.  I mean he’s been here for four years, so…I guess anyone can be bought.

Evil is on the rise.  Evil, defined as those who lie and twist reality for their own good, not caring who they kill or trample on their way to power.

Meanwhile, a deadly virus is being used as a political weapon by the moron, who cares nothing for anyone’s life but his own.  He’s the darkness some people need night goggles to see.  I wish it were that simple.  We could pass goggles out to his followers, who might be horrified by the truth of what they would see.  But then again…like follows like, and bird of a feather, right?

People still bring their kids to priests.  So, I guess the truth doesn’t matter in the least.  Raped children/lambs, kids committing suicide, priests walking away free.  None of it matters to brainwashed people.  They are able to overlook evil and see it as holy, ordained by some invisible, made up god.  When you think of it that way, there is no hope.  None at all.  Morons on the white house, rapist priests, protected by the church, bad killer cops, destroying the names of good and honest police officers.  And lies everywhere, especially with the technology we have today that can show people saying things they never said, being places they never were and making reality up for whatever reason they like.

In case you haven’t noticed…we’re in trouble.

Hey, I’m just sayin’.

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13 Responses to Okay, so…

  1. Remember when Obama made fun of him at the correspondents roast and everyone laughed but Trump? Now he is taking it out on everyone, because the narcissistic prick can’t take a fucking joke, yet he can dish it out. Ah fuck! I’ve said enough. Hang in there, Georgiann.

  2. Pourquoi sont ce toujours les bons Présidents qui sont assassinés …?!!!

  3. We’re in big trouble.

    • Mostly because there doesn’t seem to be a way to turn things around anymore. Priests and the pope protecting rapists for so many years no one can even count them, government corrupt from the very beginning. There’s nowhere that makes people feel okay anymore. Big Pharma, selling drugs that make people sick, the environment being trashed, our country being sold to russia and china. Seriously, what is actually okay, any longer. Not education, that’s for sure. TA’s teaching classes, college costs raised to the point where students will NEVER get out of debt before they even start their lives where they won’t find jobs in their field anyway. I don’t know what’s okay any longer.

      • It’s beyond discouraging and a real fear for the future . Today a Catholic priest said Democrats are going to hell , if so they will have plenty of Catholics pedofiles to keep them company .

      • That’s the truth and the priests are all about stopping freedom, other than raping children, I mean. They still keep women out of everything and they still control their “flock.” Of course they don’t like liberals, but I bet they would love their kids.

      • And yet they still have a zillion Catholics and followers descending on the Vatican, if they only knew what goes on behind those walls.

      • They don’t care. They choose to ignore the rapes and suicides and the fact that their money goes to pay off families, to buy their silence, and to pay lawyers to get priests off (pun intended).

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