Art and the philosophy of life

VOTE…a story poem


their hair pulled
force fed
their medication withheld
handcuffed to the bars
of their damp moldy cells
women fought
for the right to vote
the only way to properly
is to
do it


Comments on: "VOTE…a story poem" (26)

  1. YES!!!!! 👍 💙 👍

  2. Get out and vote … save out democracy.

  3. We are soooo on the same page today. 😀

  4. Reblogged this on Wordifull and commented:
    Truth from Gigi

  5. You know 2020 marks 100 years that women have had the right to vote. We need to make the centennial historic in another way with massive numbers of women exercising their right to vote. Grab him by the BALLotS!!!!

    • We do indeed. He’s trying to get suburban women to vote for him and we have to stop that from happening…I just don’t know how anymore. When Deb and I were woring with NOW we went door to door and then we handed out leaflets at the train station, we did a lot of things to get Carol Mosely Braun elected. Those things are happening right now.

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