The Conversation…

Cat, Relax, Chill Out, Camacho

“So?  You’re fed up.  A lot of people are,” he said

“Some people think we need to keep going but I’m not sure what they mean.  No one is actually doing anything that I know of.  How do you fight what’s going on?  No one can change anyone else’s mind.  trump has supporters who think he’s great.  We can’t make them see what he really is.  So, what’s there to do?  The people IN government can’t, or refuse to, do anything.  The law doesn’t seem to be able to DO ANYTHING and where is the ACLU?  What did they do?  All the money people poured into them when trump was elected, and what is there to show for it? What good will what they do be, if he’s out of office.”

“You stopped watching the news, right?”

“Yes.  What’s the point?  Nothing changes.  More lies. More people dead.  More brutality and more talking heads saying the same thing over and over with different stats.  It just make me want to lay down.  I’ve worked for candidates for years.  But even when they get elected, and have the best intentions, the system stops them from implementing their ideas.  They don’t make things worse, but the most they can do is hold the line.  I’m just so tired all the time.”

“Maybe you’re more cat than you know.  Cats are tired, that’s why we sleep a lot.  Well, that and the fact that we don’t have to think about you guys, when we’re unconscious.”

“I hate thinking about how difficult life is for strays.   But I don’t want to talk about it.”

“Jinx said it’s your birthday,” he asked.


“You’re getting old.”

“Older.  And so are you, by the way.”

“Do you think you’ll die soon?”

“Define soon?” she said.

“Next year?”

“No idea.  I guess I could get hit by a car, or fall off of something, but I’m not planning on it.”

“Most people don’t plan on those things.  You could get the virus,” he said, stretching.


“You should have someone set up to feed us, just in case.”

“It’s good that you’re thinking ahead,” she said.

“I kind of have to.”

“I’ll see what I can do.”

“I know you guys don’t like to die but…”

“I understand.”

“Jinx said that I shouldn’t say anything, but he’s not in charge.”


“Okay. Okay.”

“One of the cats caught something and brought it home,” she said.

“What was it?”

“I asked them not to bring their kills home.”

“We’re cats. If it runs, we’ll chase it.  Then we’ll kill it.  It’s what we do.  You know that.  We can’t help it.  It’s an instinctual thing.  We don’t even think about it, we just act.”

“I know.”

“If you know that, what’s the problem?”

“There’s too much death everywhere.”

“Maybe there’s too much life,” he said.  “You’re all over the place and none of you think the same way, or want the same things, and some of you are just flat-out insane, while others are filled with hatred and greed.”

“Can you say something that will make me feel BETTER?”

“Like what?” he asked.

“I don’t know.  Anything nice or fun.”

“The new dog, in the neighborhood, is turning out to be nice.”

“Oh, good.”

“One of the cats really likes him and spends time with him.  He’s a good dog and knows his place.”

“Right.  Knows his place,” she sighed.

“That’s a good thing,” said the cat.

“I suppose it is.  His name is Boots, but he doesn’t know why.  He wants to be called Clyde, so that’s what we use when we visit.”

“Even that’s confusing.”

“Life IS confusing.  For example, why are you in charge, instead of us?”

“Opposable thumbs,” she said, flatly.  “That counts for more than you think.”

“But we’re smarter.”

“But we fight dirty.”

“That’s true.”

“I know,” she said.

“Do you feel better now?”


“Why?  Because you’re older, or because the country is falling apart and not all cats have homes?”


“Do you want to pet me?”

“I do.”

“Okay, go ahead.  I’ll give you a few minutes.”

“Can I kiss you too?”

“A couple of times, but don’t think this is going to be  regular thing.”

“I wouldn’t dream of it.”

“I’m just offering because you’re depressed.”


“As long as you know.”

“I do,” she said, petting him and scratching his chin.  “Why is life so hard?”

“Because of the way you think about it,” said the cat.  “You want it to be different than it is, so you suffer because things aren’t the way you want them to be.  That’s always the reason people are unhappy.  They don’t get their own way.  Even if it’s for a good cause, or for what’s right, it’s still about things not being the way you want them to be.  I thought you knew that.”

She kissed him and rubber her face against his.  “I love you very much.”

“I know.  You tell me every single time you see me.”

“I do it so you won’t forget.  I mean I could get hit by that car on the way home, right?”

“Not if you look both ways before you cross the street.”

“I love you, I love you, I love you.”

“Geeze, alright already,” he said, washing his ear.

“Say hi to Jinx for me.”

“I will. He said thanks for the treats, by the way  They’re his favorites.”

“See you later,” she said, kissing him one last time.

He watched her walk away, then closed his eyes and curled up for another nap.



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17 Responses to The Conversation…

  1. I am feeling helpless. I was thinking about the ACLU the other day. Used to be you couldn’t say boo or they were there Johnny on the spot. Have they fallen under the Trump power and Greed Criteria?

  2. Resa says:

    I’m a bit terrified about what’s going to happen with the election. trump’s the dirtiest I’ve ever seen.

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