Okay, so…

Here’s the thing.  Downstate was also hit by the storm that ran through the city and suburbs last night.  The insurance companies are saying they aren’t responsible for paying for any damage because the damage caused by AN ACT OF GOD.

Have you noticed how god never tells the insurance companies TO PAY the customers FOR THE DAMAGE OF ANYTHING?  How do insurance companies justify weather conditions as being gods act, but he never acts so they have to pay anyone for anything?

I asked my insurance company what they DID pay for and all she could say was fire.  Everything that ever happened has been gods’ fault so far and I don’t even believe in him.  I think that should matter.  If a customer doesn’t believe in god then it can’t be god’s fault. Just because someone else believes in a god,  shouldn’t matter.

Insurance is a gigantic money making con/scam.  And we all have to play and get ripped off.  God must be getting a gigantic kick-back, but I’m not sure in what, since their god probably doesn’t need any of the money we pay THEM for not ever paying US.

Is god just a cheapskate?

When the squirrels got into my walls, that was also god’s fault.  How strange that he would take time to come down to my house and freeze the gutter, with -50 degree temps, so that it would tear away from the roof, so that the squirrels could get in.  I guess god’s not having enough fun with the wars and all the other hellish things going on around the planet.  I’m not sure why he would let squirrels in, rather than do something about starvation, torture, murder and all the other horrendous things that apparently NOT his fault.  It would seem that god is only  interested in insurance claims.  I know insurance companies are truly interested in him, because like the government, it’s easy to blame everyone else for what they don’t want to do.

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10 Responses to Okay, so…

  1. I hadn’t thought about the act of God clause with that storm. We have family in Cedar Rapids, Iowa and that part of eastern Iowa got hit with 100 mph winds….tons of trees down and house damage for a number of our relatives. ugh

  2. Kiki says:

    I don’t know what to say. I do believe in God and I know that He has given us our free will. So anything you like to blame on God (as per the Insurance Co….) is total fake news! Which you know, I’m sure. It’s the money spinning business of insurers. When we bought our house in France, the then 88 yrs old stone wall was already leaning towards the downslope of the steep border, separating our grounds from the town’s ground…. When it fell all down the insurer went together with the town lawyers to ‘make their plan’ !!!!! They then arrived together at our place to tell us that neither of the two was in the slightest responsible for our huge damage!!!! Of course God was nowhere in it – just the human scums who were worried about their margins! The top waas that the insurer contacted us 10 days later to offer us their extra insurance WITH laywer’s assistance (civil) at an extra premium….. I nearly blew a gasket. So – my advice is get over it, and maybe buy some shares of your bloody insurance company. 😉 I didn’t btw…. I just silently hate them!

    • God is used for a lot of things, in ways that hurt others all the time. The crusades, the inquisition, rapist priests, money gouging, his name us used to strike fear in others and even insurance companies use god to get out of paying people for what they thought they paid for, over the many years they paid their bills.

  3. Seems like a waste to even have it. 😤 A lot has been done by the “act of god” supposedly… but it supposed to be ok as long as they bring god into it

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