The Moment…a poem

Couple, Drawing, Art, Digital Art, Woman, Male

I close my eyes
to block out the rest of the world
so all there is
is you
the only sound
your heartbeat
the only touch
your hand
and my face against
the rough fabric of your coat
the only perfume
your scent
and the only word I whisper
is yes

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17 Responses to The Moment…a poem

  1. A lovely escape. Beautiful!

  2. beautiful moment :::sigh:::

    • Hope your gown is almost finished and that you found lots of art paper.

      • Resa says:

        The gown is about 8 hours away. So, it feels like the home stretch. That includes the final pressing. Then there’s a couple of hours on the Mini-me outfit, and a couple of days cleaning up and arranging plants. THEN I get to take pics!
        Paper… I called ahead. They said they had LOTS! They had 3 pads. I bought them all. I can hardly wait to start drawing the flower gowns for the PBH Chicago Adventure!
        The Paris Party was so much FUN!!! Thank you, Gi!
        Also, I have the fabrics for the next 2 gowns. I will have to go to a sewing supply store for pins, needles, hooks & eyes, snaps and thread. Hmm, I should grab twill tape and elastic as well!
        Someone is sending me more fabrics! They have been in storage for almost 30 years! I jus love using up all of this old stuff!

      • That’s what makes your gowns so special. It’s not only your talent, but the things you use to make them. 🙂 Looking forward to the pictures.

      • Resa says:

        Thank you, Gi!!!
        I did 4 hours today. Very Excited!

      • You’re getting so close. Very exciting!!!! ❤ Glad you got some paper…all three pads.

      • Resa says:

        It’s the Covid Human Race. I was going to say Rat Race…. but rats have nothing to do with it. It’s all on the humans!

      • It’s ALL on the humans. Absolutely.

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