The Conversation…

Cat, Relax, Chill Out, Camacho

“I’ve been thinking about Albert Camus,” said the cat.

“Whatever for?”

“I think he’s right.”

“About what?” she asked.

“The absurdity of everything.”

“Yes, well, of course, he’s right.”

“So you don’t believe there’s a reason for anything?  That life is just what it is and everything else isn’t real?”

“I do.”

“We keep pushing the rock up the hill, but never make it?” asked the cat.

“Depends on what we think making it means.”

The cat rolled to his side.  “It’s the only thing that makes sense.  Nothing matters.”

“Yes,” she agreed.  “It is.”

“So no gods, karma, paybacks? Religion and all the rest of the garbage your species makes up…all lies.  All absurd.  It’s destructive and…and there’s no reason for us to exist?”

“None at all,” she said, petting him.  “We just are and that should be enough.  Like worms. No strings.”

“Maybe the reason you’re here is to pet me.”

“I doubt it,” she said, smiling.  “Camus thinks the only thing we should do is rebel.”

“You’re good at that,” yawned the cat.

“I used to be,” she said, wistfully.

“No, you’re still good at it,” he said, patting her with his paw.

“A sequel to the Edward vampire books out,” she said.  “Twilight and things.”

“I heard.  Think anyone will buy it.?”

“Definitely.  So many kids grew up reading about Edward and Bella, even if Bella was so dull, it was like watching paint dry.  The book is from Edward’s pov.”


“Point of view,” she said.

“Why didn’t you jut say that?” asked the cat.


“What about Jake?”

“I’m sure everyone will be in the book.  After all it’s just Edward’s take on it, so he’s seeing the same people as she did.”

“Are you going to read it?”

“No.  I listened to them on CDs because they were on sale at Half Price Books. I always look for the audio books on sale.  The movies were ok.  Too moody and dragged out for me, and Bella barely had a speaking part…dull beyond belief, but then I wasn’t a teenager.”

“I didn’t see any of them,” said the cat.  “They sound terrible.”

“Some parts were fun.  Mostly just slow and they made me want to scream out instructions because things were so, ridiculous.  But other than that.”

“Do you think vampires and werewolves exist?”

“Maybe,” she said.  “Maybe not.  Maybe not, until we find proof, then yes.”

“That’s what Camus would say and even then, it wouldn’t matter because they would be as absurd as we are.”

“True enough.”

“How’s the virus?”

“Still here.”

“Life is absurd,” he meowed, stretching. “I mean just look at the fact that everyone isn’t a cat.”

She smiled.  “You’re right about that.”

“I know,” he said sleepily.

“Why are you so tired today?”

“Jinx and I spent the night looking for a young cat who disappeared.”

“Did you find him?”

“Yes.  He had been chased by boys and fell asleep where he was hiding.  He’s okay, but your species sucks and all the cats were worried about him..”

“We do suck.”

“You’re truly absurd.”

“I know that too,” she said, kissing him.  “On some level, I think all humans know that.”


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