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Everyone had fun at the outdoor sleepover. Holly’s treats were gobbled up and enjoyed.  Breakfast was a huge success and now the daytime festivities are beginning.  Those who can swim, will, and there will be Gondola rides on the Rubber Duck Pond, of course, hay rides, an early morning open to all Poetry Slam, a coloring contest, and many, many other games and thrills will be in the offering.

Later this afternoon Sassy and Fuzzy will lead a parade to the Main Barn, where the evening events will take place.

Comments on: "Sassy and Fuzzy will lead the way to the Party Barn, where the main events will take place." (50)

  1. this will be an event to remember!

  2. In case you haven’t heard there’s a party going on.

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    There’s a party going on!

  4. Sounds like fun!

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  6. Darn it! I can’t belleve I missed this partay! I’ll have to make sure I’m more on the ball next time.

  7. Happens to all of us. 🙂

  8. I’d missed that one… 💕

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