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I just found out that one of the big colleges around here, will no longer accept credits from two-year Jr. Colleges.  They want the MONEY for all the classes.  So they will not accept English, etc., from those colleges.  They would rather kids take out loans that can sometimes never be paid back, than let them attend Jr. Colleges for the basics.

I hope no one goes there any longer.

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  1. Did you know that if one doesn’t pay back a student loan they will place a lien on their house (if they get one). My son’s still paying on his.

    • They are traps from which it is almost impossible to escape. Such horrible things to do UNLESS you want to keep the people from becoming educated, or only allow the rich in. Every country should want their citizens as educated as possible, not broke. It’s just one more way to keep people out and poor.

  2. Colleges are way outta whack on their costs, and how important they think they actually are. You know that PT’s are now required to have a PhD??? OT is still masters level but likely headed the PhD route as well. What a joke! I’d hate to think how much debt kids incur now, and then can’t find jobs once graduated. It makes me wonder if my boys would be better served to attend trade schools instead of college at all.

    • They would be. The things they teach in college are often outdated and taught by TA’s. It’s just a way to trap people into never ending debt. I think that system is breaking down as well as all the others. And their costs are definitely outrageous. Many people making it today are entrepreneurs. They are creative. My granddaughter, who just graduated said she can make more money door-dashing than she can at work, so she’s quitting her job. That way she can work the hours she wants and as much or as little as she wants and doesn’t have a boss or rules to follow for little money. How crazy is that? She can’t believe this is hat life is like. The outrageous costs are allowing the elite/rich to continue school, while keeping others are, or forcing them into debt. It’s just part of the unfair system that’s everywhere.

  3. beth says:

    this is absolutely unacceptable. i agree, no one should spend one cent at the university

    • I hope they go bankrupt. I think the system is trying to make colleges for the rich/elite and keep others out or plunge regular people into life long debt, from which they can never recover.

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