Art and the philosophy of life

I became very confused when I found this illustration of Frida Kahlo in the street. You see, she’s wearing a daft punk t-shirt, and has tattoos. Did she have tattoos? I don’t think so! What’s a daft punk? There was no shop or restaurant nearby, that was named daft punk. Good thing, because how dare […]

via Frida Kahlo Mash Up? — Graffiti Lux Art & More

Comments on: "Frida Kahlo Mash Up? — Graffiti Lux Art & More" (4)

  1. Thanks, Gi!!! It is an interesting take on Frida.

  2. I think this does look cool. Rightly or wrongly, Kahlo has become an icon for female strength, sense of self, and even rebellion, creating much discussion. Presumably this is due to her very individual style, following her own creative path, sometimes outspokenness, and not falling into the conventional female role (though we may remember that the choice to become a mother was not one she had).

    • No she didn’t have that choice. But she lived flat out and her own way. We will never know why she put up with Diego, love doesn’t seem to be answer enough, but she did. In constant pain, she kept working and fighting politically. I admire her so very much. I was fortunate enough to see her work during a show in Chicago and the pictures in books don’t do it justice. It was an amazing experience and I’m so happy I had that chance to see her paintings.

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