Art and the philosophy of life

In Nickolas Muray’s (Hungarian-born American photographer)1939 portrait of painter Frida Kahlo a crown of purple yarn weaves in and out of her thick black hair, flyaways break loose from her braids. Her favorite shawl, a deep magenta rebozo wraps around her shoulders matching the warm flush of her cheeks and her painted nails—glints of red […]

via Frida Kahlo and Nickolas Muray — House of Heart

Comments on: "Frida Kahlo and Nickolas Muray — House of Heart" (6)

  1. This is really interesting!

    • She was so cool. Difficult life, but she got the most out of it, that’s for sure. All the pain she had, cheating Diego and her horrible sister who had an affair with him. Her miscarriage, surgeries and all through it she fought for what she believed in, painted and had her own affairs, since her husband was an ugly, horrible man, egomaniacal, selfish, and thoughtless beyond belief. She was a shining star and he was pond scum. My personal opinion, of course.

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