Landscape, Fantasy, Sea, Sky, Colors

just remember
that this gorgeous
picture of still water
peaceful moments
and clear skies
can lead to stagnation
if left this way
too long
the truth is
we need
and waves
if we are to
feel truly

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10 Responses to Serenity…

  1. what if your body is chained
    your mind a cage
    and your breath airless?

    • Then you need to change what you’re doing.

      • Do we ever become free, though?

      • It would depend on your definition. Some feel free all the time. Others, not so much. Freedom is an attitude, as well as the constraints put upon us by our culture and the inequality, manipulation and governmental rule that exists all around us.

      • Of course, the world has put on us its rules, which are sometimes hard to escape from. I mean, I want to be alive… but I can’t stop dwelling on certain things. Is my existence worth something in this world if it’s going nowhere?

      • I think just having the experience of being alive, is the whole point. We’re taught that there’s more to it than that. But there doesn’t have to be. I think the point of being alive is to have fun. So that’s what I’ve always tried to do, no matter what I’m doing. The things we believe aren’t real, they are presented as if they are but we can makeup anything we like. All that talk about a person’s TRUE PURPOSE, sells books but it’s meaningless. Our purpose is to be here. That’s pretty much it. There are not rules, other than the one’s we decided to believe in. And all of those rules were made up by someone else. We need to make our own rules and beliefs, if we are to be truly happy.

      • I wish I knew it before…

      • I don’t know if it matters when we learn things…as long as we do. 🙂

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