I was up at 5:30 feeding Emily.  She ate a little.  I went for a quick walk, showered, got dressed and went outside to catch my cat and take her to the vet.  I was taking to my daughter and she said to give her treats.  I told her she hasn’t eaten them in days.  But, I took some out to her, and she ate eight of them and she ate more food.  YAYAYAYAY!

So, I decided to leave her alone and it’s a good thing I did, because my battery is dead, and my car won’t start.  I have been in so long that my poor car got depressed.  If I would have been able to catch Em, get her into the cage and then not have been able to get her to the vet, well, that would have been another whole nightmare.

It all turned out perfectly.

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  1. Good news about Em, not your battery. Maybe the raccoon stopped coming around. After all that’s Emmie’s house and you know what they say about company. After 3 days they start to … well They need to go. 🤗

    • Hahaha true. I was so happy when she ate her treats. I knew she was sick when she wouldn’t even look at them, since she loves them so much. Thank you and fingers crossed. I’ve been in so long, just out walking and doing things, but not going anywhere, so my battery just died. I couldn’t believe it. I didn’t realize how much I’ve been in.

      • It’s a good idea just to start it up every once in awhile. I was reading that the other day. You’re not he only one with that problem. Fingers crossed that Emmie back to normal. 🌻

      • She had more treats awhile ago and she ate more wet food. 🙂 Her coat looks a little rough but it’s never out of the 90’s during the day and she lays around and rolls over and over. I’m not so sick to my stomach now, so that’s a good sign. Thank you, Holly. I know you understand that feeling all too well.

      • I can definitely relate. I hope little Emile is fine. And mommy too.

      • It’s been, and still is, and going to continue to be in the 90s. It’s o hot and stagnant that no one can really do anything outside. She’s HOT. You live in a hot place, but with the humidity and no wind, we are in a bubble of dangerous air and suffocating heat. Blah. No one can do anything. Can’t garden or be outside for very long at all. Danger warnings are up for bad air. I feel as if we are living in a science fiction movie. Between the virus, the weather, politics and all the rest, it’s just madness. LOLOL I’m giving her lots of treats, which she’s eating. She’s eating wet food, just not as much as usual, but it could just be the heat.

      • Maybe she senses the strange atmosphere, I could swear Tide notices the difference in things.

      • You’re probably right. We know animals can sense so many things in the weather. That’s a good point.

      • Emily. Auto correct, I’m ready to do bodily harm to it.

      • I think you’ll have a lot of help from the rest of us. Hahahaha

      • Things is…I can’t find “it”.

  2. Sounds very promising, about Emily! Now that you mention it, one of my daughter’s cats eats mainly just treats:)

  3. Resa says:


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