Cows and freedom…

Sometimes I think about how nice it would be not to have to always carry things around.  Cows don’t have pockets, or tote bags, or backpacks.  They just walk around unencumbered, not dragging a million things with them wherever they go.  If they want to move to a new place, there’s nothing to pack, no moving vans to call.  They simply walk away.

We can’t leave the house without bringing things with us.  When they have a calf, the calf gets up, eats, then stands next to it’s mom.  No carseats, cribs, diapers, and a billion other things.  No toys, or hats and booties.

The animals have life simplified to the max.  Everyday is come as you are.  They don’t have holidays, at least that we know of, no gifts to buy, or packages to wrap.  They listen to the music of nature and don’t have record collections, or turntables.

They don’t have any baggage.

Humans, are needy on a moment to moment basis.  I can’t imagine living off the land, not even for a day.  I’d be poisoned to death with the first berry, or mushroom.  I’d be looking for a hot shower and a soft bed with clean sheets, as well as a net, to keep the bugs off of me while I slept.  The only camping I want to do is to set up a tent in one of the top floors of  a skyscraper with a fantastic view and a million windows.  Air conditioning and fridge filled with dark chocolate, will complete the picture.

Cows are very zen, eating grass, swishing their tails and standing under a tree to catch some shade.  Maybe they are dreaming up stories, or planing their next party, but it seems as if they don’t read very much, or have deep philosophical discussions.  Still, they might be telepathic and doing just that.  They probably know more than we do, about a lot of things.

I don’t think they have to make plans.   One cow just walks over to the fence and the others follow, or simply wonder what she sees.  Then they each have to decide if it’s worth the effort to go and find out.  Definitely a different lifestyle.

And they don’t have keys.  None at all.  There’s noting for them to unlock, or lock.  All their needs are met by just existing as they are.  Imagine that, if you can.  Just as they are.


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2 Responses to Cows and freedom…

  1. oldmainer says:

    Comparing people to a cow. To our lifestyle seem averse. Just remember when you die. You won’t end up a purse.

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