Art and the philosophy of life

High, Boogapony Holly here, and it’s a total freak out to be your host in this Art Gowns extravaganza tribute to the one and only Jimi Hendrix. I’m not a gown kinda gal, but Resa promised to fusion Boogapony/Jimi/& Art Gowns. I’m thrilled with the results. Also, all my live performances have been cancelled, the […]

via Hangin’ with Boogapony & Jimi — Art Gowns

Comments on: "Hangin’ with Boogapony & Jimi — Art Gowns (If you love Henxrix, you’re gonna LOVE this post from Resa. Don’t miss the video selection or her costume designs)" (10)

  1. Thanks Gi! As soon as I saw this in my annotator, I raced to the Reader to thank you! LOL!
    Hey, I can still comment on your blog through the annotator!

  2. We love you too ❤

  3. absolutely amazing!

  4. Wow! This is fabulous from start to finish!

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