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Without equal opportunities, equality can never exist.

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8 Responses to Equality

  1. heatherjo says:

    Very true! Do you think equality will ever exist?

    • Not unless we can get control away from rich, powerful, elite white males. As long as men control EVERYTHING, there’s not chance for equality, or peace.

      • heatherjo says:

        Taking the power from the rich and powerful would require unity among the poor and middle class that has never been achieved. The strength of the 99% is our numbers and people can’t or are unwilling to agree to unite for this common purpose. People are so divided, no doubt due to lies told and spread by mass and social media, that no one would be able to agree on how to run things if control was taken away from the rich. Equality is oppressive to those that have always had the power and history has shown that they will kill anyone that comes close to bringing it to a reality. I no longer have faith in mankind bringing about equality. Only Jehovah God can do that and he promises to in the near future.

      • I don’t believe in god but I do believe that we need to grow up and take care of ourselves. I agree with everything else you said. I do believe that there are tipping points and once reached, they can’t be stopped. I think we’re on our way toward one, but who knows. Fingers crossed. It can’t be more obvious that the people in power are psychopaths/sociopaths. But they have followers who are just like them. The talking head, who works for trump was saying that the schools WILL open said she didn’t care if the estimated 13,000 children died because of it. So, it’s up to parents not to send their kids, so they don’t get the virus as well and then leave orphans behind. These are times that actually expect people to THINK FOR THEMSELVES. I don’t know if they can do it. That’s the saddest thing of all. And the brains of the right winger people, conservatives, are different than those of liberals. They did studies on it, imagining their brains and the fear centers of republican conservatives are much larger than those of liberals. In other words, they are terrified of everything and, as you said, will kill to keep the status quo. It’s a stupid game we’re playing. No one is going to save us from ourselves. Not aliens, gods or anyone else. We did this and we need to clean it up or become extinct, which, of course, would be the best thing that could happen for all other living things.

      • heatherjo says:

        It’s amazing that we’re supposed to be the intelligent and evolved creatures on this planet and yet the world and all other living creatures would benefit greatly from our extinction. I agree. We have and continue to damage this planet , but remove us from the equation and the planet would heal itself. So how intelligent are we really? But that’s another discussion. With everything going on, I understand why less and less people believe in God. Have you always felt that way?

      • I agree. LOL WE are the ones who tell ourselves we are intelligent…no other opinions are available. It’s hard to prove, since we kill and destroy everything, including ourselves. Since we are hateful and cruel, violence against women and children and animals, never goes away, or even gets better. Inequality and power mongering is all that exists. Greed, and power, the complete inability to ever think of all people, to the point where wearing a mask to save the lives of OTHERS, if not yourself, doesn’t enter into it. I think we are the dumbest things around. No other animal destroys it’s own environment or kills for jealousy or greed. They have their rules and are more driven by instinct, but they would blossom if we stopped destroying their habitats and driving them into extinction, which is simply one more way to commit suicide the slow way. Kill the bees and we don’t have any food, poison the air and water and we die. We are the idiot species, built on nothing but EGO and stupidity. We have not evolved enough (if we ever will) to be called intelligent. We do nothing but LIE to ourselves and pretend we are great when all we really are is destructive and mean, believing things that don’t exist and never trying to make anything better for anyone. Selfish, egomaniacal, destructive, power hungry, greedy, species that kills and takes whatever it wants and doesn’t care about anyone but itself, even our own future generations don’t matter. And yes, gods never made sense to me. There are so many of them and they are all the right one, the only one and they are all evil and greedy as well. Controlling and manipulative. I’ve studied them and they are all just one more cut with their own handshakes, colors, rituals, rules, demands, extortion, rape, violence, murder, hatred of others and evil. Other than that. The TAO is the only thing that includes everyone and has no hierarchy, or temples, churches, leaders and they don’t want your money, your children, your estate or your allegiance. No rapist priests, hoarding art, gold, books, working with the mob and Hitler, to Spanish Inquisition, torture, and witch hunting. You know, the usual male dominated hatful things. Using the money of the “flock” to pay off families of raped children, or lawyers to get them off, or hiding them away in beautiful places to live out their evil lives while those they raped commit suicide, or are destroyed for life. The church knows what’s going on and always has. They change the rules to suit their own needs and get more for themselves. I was raised Lutheran, not any rules really, just la dee da, but was surrounded by catholics. I didn’t believe anything they said and thought they were all crazy and I was always amazed at what people said. When I was little and went to Confession with my friends (I played in the pews or waited outside) they would always tell me how much they lied to the stupid priests who believed them. So that’s what they all learned. How SINFUL can a little kid be? But if you want to manipulate and hook people you have to get them when they’re young and get that guilt and shame going. Those things are taught. That’s how you jerk people around, by making them feel bad and they do a really good job of that. Impossible to believe in anything that MEN made up for their own gratification, power and wealth. None of the gods were here before greedy men made them up, just like the said women, people of color, were LESS than they were and didn’t deserve the rights they continue, to this day, to give to themselves. Religion divides people and is controlled by men. That’s never good thing.

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