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Comments on: "Today is: National Sewing Machine Day" (18)

  1. I didn’t know this special day existed!

  2. […] via Today is: National Sewing Machine Day — Rethinking Life […]

    • It is indeed…for all those who know how to sew. Unfortunately, I am not one of them. Can’t even sew a button on a shirt, let alone sew in a straight line.

  3. a stitch in time

  4. Maybe we can make masks 😷

    • Good idea, since I think wearing a mask is going to be part of life for a long time.

      • I only wish more would wear them.

      • I agree. I went to put something in my neighbor’s mailbox and when I came down her driveway, a guy running, almost knocked me over and he exhaled right on me. I wasn’t wearing a mask because I was just going next door. I won’t do that again.

      • Its crazy, some people are mocking others for wearing a mask. It’s like they don’t understand this vicious virus. One visit to the ICU would enlighten them. I don’t wish that on anyone. Our moron president is too concerned with his re-election to set a proper example.

      • A 20 year-old had a double lung transplant. They showed a picture of healthy lungs and a picture of her lungs and it was like something out of a horror film. If they used that picture to show more people what would, or could, happen to them, I bet things would change immediately.

      • Such a terrible time we are living through. I feel so bad for the very young who should be able to hang out and have fun. Who knew? As a country we are failing miserably in containing this pandemic.

      • I agree completely. I feel sorry for them as well. Graduations, proms, dating, weddings…all of it. They are missing all the fun.

      • all those experiences that mold us and the memories …it’s heartbreaking. I’m hoping soon we find a vaccine so that normal life can began again.

      • You are not alone. I can’t imagine what it will be like to just walk around again. I hope it’s sooner, rather than later. We just have to make sure the cure isn’t as bad as the disease.

  5. Not a talent i possess…

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