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Okay, so…

I was looking something up, and if people tried to do everything the sayings we see everywhere said, they wouldn’t have time to eat or sleep.  I didn’t copy many of them because they are so depressing.  Be happy, Be grateful, Think outside the Box, Dream big, Don’t be the same be BETTER (that on is really terrible), and on and on and on and on, in a never ending litany of things to make people feel bad, inadequate or just miserable, as if they aren’t good enough the way they are.  IT’S SO PATHETIC.

One sign they don’t sell is:  DON’T READ SAYINGS

These never ending INSTRUCTION ON HOW TO LIVE, FEEL, AND WHAT TO DO,  are an attack on the minds/lives of of those who read or believe them.  I am so happy I didn’t grow up in this kind of hysterical insanity.Stop, Time, Waste, Ad, Saying, SetMotivation, Positive, Inspirational

There is no such thing as wasting time.  Only in America do people believe that one has to do something every single second they’re awake, or they’re wasting time or lazy.  And who else could you be besides yourself?   Even when you’re pretending to be someone else, you’re still yourself…yourself, pretending.   No matter what you do, you’re still you.  It’s crazy to do this to people.   So many sayings tell people to BE HAPPY, in a world that pretty much doesn’t make a lot of people happy.

These messages can be depressing to some people who might think they are doing something wrong, because their lives don’t match the six million signs that tell them how they should feel and what they should do.

Why do people have to be told how to live?

If people want signs maybe they should say:

You’re always you

Not doing anything is doing something

However you feel is okay

You know, sayings that are more positive and life affirming.   I can’t believe people buy into all the books and signs and sayings that are so silly and destructive.  After all these years on the planet, how did people suddenly forget how to get through the day without a sign telling them how to feel or what to do?   It’s just so weird to be reminded to be happy, busy, grateful, bright and all the rest.  Something is really wrong with that.  It’s like homework every second of your life.

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  1. These signs we encounter regularly, we often, let them dictate our, behaviors, the key is, to just, read them through our eyes, then, cast them behind us, so they don’t have that lasting effect on our behaviors…

  2. Lol! Agree with you, and you made me think of an old song… from the 70’s.. I think.
    🎼 Sign, sign, everywhere a sign
    Blockin’ out the scenery, breakin’ my mind 🎼
    Do this, don’t do that, can’t you read the sign? 🎶

  3. LOL, yes so many of these things… my favorite (NOT) are the ones telling you to keep calm and do something. And I’m like I WILL NOT keep calm and DON’t tell me what to do!

    • That’s definitely the right response. Theses kinds of things are just one more distraction from what’s going on around them. slo, crazy. Be happy. Really? People are dying in the streets and I don’t see any signs about those things. Like, TRY NOT TO GET SHOT TO DEATH BY THE POLICE WHEN YOU LEAVE YOUR HOUSE, signs.

  4. I didn’t know really what you meant with the word ‘sayings’ and was p…d off by that first ‘sign’…. so I never read further. Now that I did I’m in total agreement with you….. only I’d say QUOTE – in that case I wd have understood earlier and not having let you in the waiting loop for so long!
    I have a looooooong list of quotes in 4 languages, but also citations out of books etc. But I don’t do them on pinterest or what have you not. I like those who give me something, the others I just simply ignore. I’m not getting mad about them – each to their own. But I’m definitely on the same track as Melanie and yourself.

    • A lot of quotes are fabulous. It’s the one’s that make people feel bad that I think are just silly. They do it in a “nice way,” but the underlying meaning i that you will never be good enough. Just seems like part of what’s going on now days, trying to make people work on themselves, rather than look at what’s happening in their society. It’s just one more distraction.

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