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A B'Older Vegan

It’s not rocket science to understand that if we humans are going to survive as a species, we have to change how we do things.  For Vegans, this is basic knowledge.  Many non-Vegans also know that we need to change how we do things, but draw the line at changing how and what they eat.  The rest of the non-Vegans in the world don’t want to change anything if it means that they have to think about it.

I recently listened to a podcast of three millennial women being interviewed on BBC Radio 4 Women’s Hour about a plant-based diet, and all three were like “I shouldn’t have to eat a plant-based diet if I don’t want to.  Save the world another way, but don’t tell me what not to eat”.  Not one mention was made about the small matter of the billions and billions of animals who die each…

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