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51 Photos From George Floyd Protests That Will Restore Your Faith In Americans

Comments on: "From: Bored Panda…Because the media is owned by the rich, you won’t see these pictures on your six o’clock news. The media lives on sensationalism, but the police are joining the people and there’s no violence, only doing the right thing. Beautiful photographs. These photographs bring people TOGETHER and that’s why they won’t show them." (14)

  1. Needed to see this! Thank you

    • These are the pictures they DON’T want us to see. There’s power in unity and that’s why they work to divide us. I think the photographs are wonderful and give us hope, which is another thing we are not supposed to have.

  2. Wow those are powerful images!

  3. Le Sniff!
    We had a large, peaceful protest in Toronto. One in Montreal went not good.
    The other protests in Canada were peaceful.

    • trump started trouble by tear gassing and shooting rubber bullets at a peaceful demonstration in Washington so he could walk a block to a church for a photo op. He’s a moron. I’m happy things are going well in Canada.

      • Well, better than in the States.
        Yes, he is a moron.. a selfish one at that. Now, he’s building a WALL (what a coward) around the White House.
        It’s going to need serious fumigation when he moves out!

      • That’s the truth. He’s a bully and a coward, which usually go hand in hand. He’s also an idiot.

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