Jackson Pollock, Artist, A Story poem

I was an artist
going nowhere
my mind was
I had bouts of
I had no
self confidence
I worked
but nothing
was happening
then I met artist
and she saw something in me
that I couldn’t see in myself
she sold me
she made me
she believed in me
but I was never truly
she sent me for help
and for short bursts of time
I was better
and then I wasn’t
we married
and moves
into a ramshackle place
for the summer
and things were good

but friends started coming round
started staying with us
getting their own places close to us
and I started drinking again
Lee never lost hope
no matter how much it cost her
she stuck by me
she believed in me
when I rarely ever believed in myself
she would make
something wonderful happen for me
but fame sent me spiraling
I would show up at my openings
and ruin everything
by fighting
falling down drunk
being cruel
or just being my silent self
I painted
I cheated
I was out of control
and toward the end
I fell in love
with a younger woman
it hurt Lee so much
but I told her
that the girl made me feel
as if I could do things again
and Lee did what she always did
she waited
one night
on my way to a piano recital
driving drunk
in my Olds Convertible
with my new lover and her girlfriend
I was too out of it to keep going
so I turned around
and was speeding down the road
with the two girls screaming at me
to stop the car
but it was too late
I lost control
and suddenly
a girl was dead and
so was I
it was finally over
my demons
were put to rest
and Lee was free
even through
I knew she would
continue to take care of me
even after death
Lee never stopped
believing in me


Jackson Pollock: en.wikipedia.org
Lee & Jackson:  pictify.saatchigallery.com

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6 Responses to Jackson Pollock, Artist, A Story poem

  1. TheBeeKeeper says:

    I named my dog Jackson Pollack. I love everything about your post! 💕 Thank you! 🙏 Keep doing great work!

  2. Resa says:

    Another teaching/learning poem. Love it!

    • Thank you. She absolutely made him who he was. He never would have been anything without Lee.

      • Resa says:

        I’ve heard that before!

      • No one even knew his name in the 1930. He never would have been noticed. He was self-destructive and I don’t believe he knew how to do anything to get a show, or how to handle finances. She did everything for him and he cheated and fell in love with someone else and didn’t really take her feelings into consideration. She had problems of her own, in that she believed in him and helped him because of his art, even thought it cost her so much. That’s a whole different problem.

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