Frida…A story poem

my life
didn’t start out
as pain
it just ended up that way
no one ever knows
what awaits them
I was happy
there was an accident
the pain came
and it never went away
but no matter how terrible
the pain was
it didn’t hurt me
as much as Diego
I was political
I was passionate
I had affairs
I lost the only child
I would have ever had
I was
beyond true repair
bed rest
metal braces
but I
while he
with everyone
my sister
I persisted
I painted the
I painted my
I painted the
even when I felt
what you see
when you look at my work
is what I
until I could live no longer
and when that time came
I left
on my own terms
still untamed
still broken
still in pain
I hope
never to


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19 Responses to Frida…A story poem

  1. beth says:

    one of the artists I most admire. I’m working on a challenging jigsaw puzzle of one of her self-portraits right now, and enjoying every minute, seeing the nuances and details up close.

    • That sounds wonderful. She was an amazing woman. I was fortunate enough to see her work in person, when there was an exhibit in Chicago, in a small gallery. Incredible. All of the pictures I’ve seen, of her work in books didn’t prepare me for seeing her paintings in real life. The colors and brushstrokes and the feelings were so intense.

      • beth says:

        I was working with a senior artists’ collection be from Detroit years ago. I brought one into my school to visit with the kids, talk about art and tell stories. The gentleman who came told about when he was a young, starving artist in Detroit and he came to see if he could catch a glimpse of Diego and Frida at the dia as he worked on his famous mural there. He ran into Frida on the steps and they got to talking. He said she brought him in to meet Diego, they gave him a roasted chicken dinner and took him under their wing, watching out for him, and how he survived and stayed an artist. Amazing

      • Absolutely amazing. What an experience. Wow!

  2. Kiki says:

    Frida’s life as a short story…. an amazing, incredible woman. Did you also see the film????

  3. Resa says:

    Like your Vincent poem, it’s very teaching. I did know more about Frida, though.
    What was it with Diego? Did she ever leave him? Or was she just blindly in love with him?
    Anyway, I found an odd Frida street art piece, which I’ll post once all the clatter dies down on Art Gowns.

    • The got divorced, at one point, but she never stopped loving him for a second. He cheated with pretty much everyone, including her sister. She hated him for that but loved him. They remarried and he became her biggest fan. She had so many health problems. She was an amazing woman. He was a moron who didn’t care whether or no he broke her heart over and over again. She slept with men and women and didn’t care, because he didn’t care and she did what she wanted to do. He thought she was a fantastic artist but he only thought about himself, until the end. It’s so sad to see people love their abusers and not be able to stop themselves. I really hate that. I’ve seen it happen too many times and it’s ugly.

  4. oh this is wonderful! ❤ Frida…and ❤ you!

    • Love her. Glad you like it. She’s so easy to write about. I saw her paintings when they were in Chicago. Incredible. My cousin and I went to see them and they are so alive and amazing.

  5. Henry Lewis says:

    Love Frida–both her art and her person–thanks!

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