Vincent…a story poem

not many people
are willing to cut off their
to prove a point
but I never was
like many people
love makes us do
strange things
I admit
it didn’t work out
the way I thought it would
I thought she would realize
how deeply I loved her
instead she was
she didn’t realize
the intensity of my
didn’t understand either
he was competitive
at how quickly
I produced my work
I loved him
and never wanted
to make him feel
I thought we were
no one
understood my
except for Theo
my brother
never let me down
he was my support
he always believed in me
sold my work
gave me money
life was difficult
I felt things so deeply
people today
say that I was sick
but I didn’t feel sick
I felt driven
the colors were alive
I had to get them down
on canvas
before they were gone
I had to be
true to myself
everything was
but no matter
how I am judged
in the future
I know
who I was
and how I felt
I loved life
I just didn’t
fit in to it
the way
others did
and we all know that
there’s no room
in the world
for those
do not



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10 Responses to Vincent…a story poem

  1. Nabeela says:

    We have to make our room in this world…. If you failed in first attempt, then change your strategy….

  2. Teacher Camille says:

    WOW. Magnificent poem it… I loved it and I really did enjoy reading every word in it. Too bad, such a legend decided to totally cease his existence… and along with it, his masterpieces. Thank you for relieving this legend, I really felt every word and it’s so relatable in our lives today.

    In any case, no matter how hard these times are, I hope we continue truly living… and enjoying, day by day. 💛

  3. Resa says:

    Wonderful poem, Gi!
    I feel like I know him now… at least somewhat.

  4. rica says:

    I am moved…

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