Quick watercolor pencil face

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18 Responses to Quick watercolor pencil face

  1. beth says:

    you’ve captured my quarantine pair perfectly

  2. Love it……there is a question showing in this face?

    • I think it’s more of a distancing/pulling back, watching our world collapse. I’m glad you like it. Thank you.

      • The people of the world are watching in disbelief. Perhaps there must be a collapse so that there can be a rebuilding.😗

      • Maybe. The words from around the world are showing us what they think of our collapsing country. They can’t believe we are letting it happen. They don’t know us, of course, and we could find fault with what they do, but we can’t pretend we aren’t falling apart and being led by someone who wants us to inject bleach into ourselves. Sigh. The whole thing is like watching a huge building fall down in slow motion.

      • This is a global pandemic…….are there really any borders. We are all humans watching the fallout from failure to treat nature and each other with sufficient care and wisdom. Our seemingly familiar space has disappeared. Fear and confusion reign, but also our love still speaks. How will our lives look after? We don’t know. This is a giant game changer. What will we learn? How will we look?

      • I agree. I feel terrible about the people who have no resources to get through this. They need food. They need a lot of things. The south side of Chicago is extremely low income and there are no food stores. They call it the food desert. Many of them do not have a room to isolate anyone. Generations live together. They need help now, not weeks from now. This is just highlighting what racism looks like during a pandemic. I hope we do learn from this. As you said…what we will learn, if anything, will be something I can’t even imagine, at this point. Food pantries, a lot of people are trying to help those who cannot help themselves. Right now, the end is not in sight One of my grandsons just got a letter from his college saying they may have on line classes in September. I’m sure you are staying in and taking care of yourself. I’m in as well. Be safe. I know you have political problems in CA, just as we do. ❤

      • Since you like to read…..let me recommend a trilogy written in the 80’s by Daniel Quinn. ‘Ishmael.’ Interesting solution the the planetary problems. Sounds heavy but it’s not. All is not disclosed until the last. I loved it.

      • I read them when they came out. I need to refresh my memory for all the details. I remember having heated discussions on the train going downtown. LOLOL It’s bee so long ago. But thank you for reminding me about them. ❤ Have any dogs found you yet? I think they are the same ones. The man brings him home from the lab or he escapes, and they make him part of the family and then it goes from there.

      • No dogs have found me yet.

      • They will. I’m sure of it. ❤ One just found a friend of mine. 🙂

      • I have no dogs 😪 but their absence has allowed wild life to relax in my yard. I have a visiting grey squirrel who comes to drink out of my fountain. So sweet and when he is very sure that it is safe here….then a photo could happen.🤗

      • That’s wonderful. I’m sue you will be seeing others as well. 🙂 Since Emily moved in, the squirrels still run across the fence and through the trees but they don’t often come to the ground and the birds are cautious, to say the least. I stopped feeding them a long time ago. Took down the bird houses as well. She’s a cat and it’s her nature to do what she does, so I had to change what I do. 🙂 They still stop by to bath, especially the robins but so far so good. Congratulations on your squirrel.

  3. O! This says a thousand words! ❤️

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