Art and the philosophy of life

Comments on: "Watch this…it’s really, really excellent…great speaker and important message" (6)

  1. Excellent, indeed.

  2. This is by FAR the best thing I’ve listened to on this theme. A wonderful PAULA…. thank you. Thank you for sharing – I shall try to share it with my husband, not because I’m transgender, I’m not, but maybe to let him have a look into a woman who knows both sides…. (I have little hope that it will make a difference however…. IF he listens to this speech at all. BUT I promise, I will let you know, if there is an outcome. Luckily, I love him anyway! 😉
    BTW, I love TED and only wish I had more time to seek out themes I’m interested in…..

    • I agree with you. This won’t matter to any man. They still won’t get it and none of them are going to give up a drop of power, no matter how unfair or badly treated women are. But women will like this talk and understand that at least one person, who was a white male, knows what women go through every single day of their ives. I’m so glad you enjoyed it. She’s a wonderful speaker.

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