I was looking for a picture of a flower, and came across this picture of Meeka,  We all adored her.  She had the most wonderful personality.  When my daughter took her to the vet and he saw her, he said, “Well, she’s going to get better, with that kind of attitude.”  She did get better and she lived out her full life, with lots of kisses, soft words of adoration and love.  Her sweetness made life more beautiful for all of us  A tiny being filled with beauty and wonder.  She will never be forgotten.

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19 Responses to Meeka…

  1. Kiki says:

    saved ‘from’ the cat? Or ‘just’ a pet? The kids of one of my sis-in-law had several (and had to ‘replace’ them several times) and right now I wonder how it happened (and when) that one day there was no cage in its corner …. must ask!

  2. Kiki says:

    (I’m also glad you took off that article….)

  3. A wonderful way, to remember, a, beloved, pet.

  4. Meeka is adorable. When I lost mine…..the vet said that all rats develop cancer. My ‘Sunshine’ was special to me also. Usually not caged. She spent a lot of time on my shoulder. And so clean. So why are tests being done on rats who are already predisposed to develop cancer? Don’t answer that…..just saying?

    • We love rats and they were always on our shoulders or we were playing with them on the floor. Meeka is a White Russian hamster. She was so wonderful, as were all the rats Debbie had. They were all such good friends. I can’t even send to think about what happens to so many of them. Heartbreaking. I’m sure sunshine was wonderful as well. It’s their nature to be loving and sweet. We were lucky to have known them.

  5. m.caimbeul says:

    I’ve always marvel at the wonderful small creatures that loom large in their loving interactions.

  6. Resa says:

    How very sweet!

  7. Meeka is a rat? She is sooo beautiful… she has such warm, soulful eyes. I’ve never had a rat or a mouse. I bred guinea pigs though for a time.

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