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I just saw a doctor interviewed on PBS.  At the end of the conversation, she was asked if she was afraid for her family.  If she was afraid of bringing the disease home to them.  She said that she had spoken to her children, who were very young, and to her husband.  She told her husband that she might not make it through this and to take care of the children and always tell them how much she loved them.

That’s what frontline people are going through.  She said her co-workers had spoken with their families, as well

We should be happy to stay inside and do what these brave people ask us to do.  While we’re eating and watching television, others are hoping not to die and leave their four year old kids.

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12 Responses to STAY INSIDE…

  1. I wish people could listen!

    • I wish people would understand what front liners are going through and stay home so this will finally end. People are talking about losing their businesses and money and everything else, and that’s so important, but they could lose their lives, then none of that would matter. Some people are desperate. They don’t have checking accounts or any banking service, so it may take 5 to 6 months for them to get a check from the government. Food pantries and the people who are using the food in their restaurants to pack up meals for those in need. But people who live paycheck to paycheck can’t wait 4 or 5 months for food money.

  2. Nabeela says:

    Stay home…. Prayers for all….

  3. Kiki says:

    This leaves me heartbroken. What beautiful people are out there. Many really should have a reality check. But as always. I’m afraid that those who should FINALLY (like NOW) take note, are those who don’t read. We’re sadly preaching to the converted .

  4. Ava Tripathy says:

    Thanks Ma’m and you too stay safe😄

  5. I do not know why trumpinmouth hasn’t order a country wide stay at home order… should have happened weeks ago. I know there will always be some that break the rules and leaving it to each state has not been the way to go.

    • He’s an insane egomaniac. All he sees is himself. Someone asked me if he could be tried for crimes against humanity for allowing people to get sick and die without doing anything for weeks and then not getting the right equipment for the hospitals. I heard he said that if 26- million die, it’s still a win. He should be taken out of office immediately. He has no idea what’s going on. He always wanted to “think the herd.”

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