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While some people pretend that everything is perfectly fine and there is no danger for anyone. I stay home and look outside from time to time. There are some pine trees close to my balcony and pigeons like to rest there. They are beautiful creatures, I used to take pictures of them when I was…

via Ostia Lido – Quarantine with the pigeons! — flaviavinci

Comments on: "Ostia Lido – Quarantine with the pigeons! — flaviavinci" (4)

  1. Awe so nice pidgeons are so cool 😀 we have wood pidgeons where I live, they’re very fat! Hahaha!

    • I bet they’re adorable. I love pigeons. They are so beautiful and I love the way they coo. They are each so different looking and strut around with their lovely red feet.

  2. We are living in Portugal and the pigeons are waiting for me every day… They are so cute!

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