From Candy…

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  1. Carol Anne says:

    Awesome loved it! ❤

  2. This, is for, our own safety, and our own good, and yet, not all of us follow, these, newly set rules of, society…

  3. Resa says:

    The beach across the foot bridge from me is FILLED WITH FAMILIES.
    This is not a holiday! It is isolation.
    What don’t people get?

    • That’s insane. Don’t your police make them go home? They do here. There are police cars at the lake front and parks, to keep people from doing just that. It will never end it people don’t stay in.

      • Resa says:

        We need the army to help out!
        I made a break for a store today, 3 blocks away. The homeless: coughing, sharing butts and bottles were congregated hither.
        I was wearing a face mask I designed, and made. I had protective goggles on over my glasses, a cap (no hair exposed), surgical gloves on and sanitizer at my hilt.
        I walked into the road to get by the rummies.
        When I got home, I disrobed in the hallway, threw the clothes into the washer, had a shower, then sanitized all packages, then washed the hall floor and stairs with pine sol 99.5% bacteria killer, spritzed a puddle of my bleach and water mix on the floor and stood in it with my house slippers on.
        Why were people strolling by the rummies, with infants in strollers, like nothing bad was happening.
        At this rate it will never end. Our mayor extended cancellation of all public events until July.

      • That’s terrible. I did the same thing you did, undressed, washing machine and shower, when I went somewhere that didn’t feel safe. I’m pretty much staying in.

        The things you said were so awful. I can’t believe your government is letting that happen. They’ve put the homeless in the YMCA and I think other places, to keep them isolated from each other. Shelters are doing the same thing, with keeping people apart. It’s crazy to let people lay around on the street and get sick, or get everyone else sick as well. Maybe they do need to get the army out. Something has to be done. I’m really sorry you had to go through that. The homeless need help as well. Everyone needs to get off the street. The longer the rules aren’t enforced the more people will get sick and die and the longer things will last.

        One of the doctor’s was on tv and said that she told her husband that she might not make it through this but to care for the children and always tell them how much she loved them. Horrible. And people are complaining about staying in. I just don’t get it.

        They just said that 3% of the restaurants won’t open that that’s just up until now.

      • Resa says:

        You mean 3% are dead in the water & won’t reopen? , and that number will grow the longer Covid 19 hangs around? Our friends have 2 small restaurants. I don’t know how long they can hang in.
        Our mayor, who clamped down Toronto 3 weeks ago until the end of April, has now extended that to end of June.
        No Gay Pride Parade this year, and I’ll be surprised if Caribana is not cancelled (end of July)
        So no restaurants, no hair & nail salons, theatres, etc.
        I think our Premier is going to order more businesses shut… like hardware stores
        Big press thing at 1:30

      • Yes, 3% are out of business and, as you said, that number will rise along with the amount of time things are closed. It’s going to be that way for everything. This won’t be over soon, I’ve heard July or August. If they open things too early, it will just start over again. I don’t know how many places will go under or how people will survive. Especially those of lower income and live from paycheck to paycheck. The economic fall out will be incredible. But it’s that or dead people. There is no quick fix for this. It was a perfect day today but I went out early, when it was cold because in the afternoon, everyone is out for a walk and it’s crowded, even thought most people are polite and do the right thing. My friend went grocery shopping and did mine as well. I saw that three famous jazz player died from the virus. I can’t remember their names, even thought I love and listen to jazz, but one was in his fifties, another in his 70 and the last one was 94. I think we are going to be in for a long time.

      • Resa says:

        Agree! I believe, too, that it’s the long haul. I’ll be happy for a small break in summer. The artists need a minute to paint, and I need a minute to take some pics.

      • Definitely. We all need a summer break, or just SUMMER. Our weather is such that summer lasts for such a short time, we have to enjoy every second of it before it starts snowing again.

  4. Resa says:

    Sorry that came out so BIG!
    Every household in Canada gets these in the mail. Again, wht don’t people get?

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